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How to Use Masking in Adobe Flash?

Last Updated : 11 Feb, 2022
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Flash is a 2D animation software that can be used on different operating systems like macOS, Windows, Linux, etc. It was first launched in 1996 and the latest version is released in 2021. It is capable of different functionalities like masking, character tracing, lip-sync, motion and shape tweening, frame by frame animations, etc. The animations created in Flash are vector-based rather than pixel animations which can only be zoomed to a certain level but this is not the case with vector-based animations so they provide high-quality animations.


 Masking is one of the important feature of flash, it can be defined as placing one layer over another so to animate the second layer with the help of the first one. This technique is mainly used in animating text and objects. When objects on both the layers overlap, only that part are visible in animation. Motion tweening or shape tweening can be used with masking for animation.

Steps to create animation using Masking

Step 1: Open Adobe Flash.


Step 2: Now take a circle and draw on stage.


Step 3: Now use the selection tool to select the circle and then right-click on it, a drop-down list will appear now click on the convert to symbol.


Step 4: Next screen will appear, choose the graphic type and click OK.


Step 5: Now click on any frame and right-click on it, a list will appear to click on Insert Keyframe.


Step 6: Now again choose a frame between two keyframes and right-click on it, a drop-down list will appear now click on create classic tween.


Step 7: Now move the circle to the other side by dragging it.


Step 8: Now create a new layer and name it as Mask.


Step 9: On the mask layer create a rectangle using the rectangle tool.


Step 10: Now choose the mask layer and right-click on it, a drop-down list will appear, click on Mask.


Step 11: Masking is applied to the layers and nothing is visible on the screen as the effect will be seen when both layers will overlap.


Step 12: Click on the run button and see the masking animation.


So this is how we create masking in Flash.

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