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Hottest Job of 2023 with 2Cr Salary – AI Prompt Engineering

Last Updated : 09 Jul, 2023
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Are AI tools like ChatGPT & GPT-4 threatening your job security? Don’t worry you’re not alone in this black hole because, in the coming years, a report by Goldman Sach predicted that 300 million jobs will be diminished because of Artificial Intelligence taking over human jobs. And this is actually something to worry about. But we’ve also found the solution to get an upper hand on AI by learning how to talk to ChatGPT before it starts controlling us. In this blog, we’ll dive into how to secure a 2cr salary by doing AI prompt engineering – the hottest job of 2023.

Say goodbye to job insecurity and hello to lucrative opportunities. Discover the secrets to thriving in the AI revolution and take your career to new heights. Don’t let automation steal your thunder – embrace the future and become an AI trailblazer with our expert tips and insider insights. Get ready to level up your career and earn big in the exciting world of AI. Let’s dive in!

AI Prompt Engineering: Talk to ChatGPT and Earn Six-Figure Salary

Ever since artificial intelligence became easily accessible to humans, many new jobs and opportunities have come up their way. The hottest tech job – AI Prompt Engineer is the talk of the town and an individual can earn up to $335,000 per year which is INR 2.7 crore – that too without any degree in computer engineering or advanced coding skills.It’s crazy, isn’t it?

Ever since AI has taken over the world, many companies are on their way to hiring ‘AI Prompt Engineers,’ the individuals who could be trained and tasked with the crop of artificial intelligence in answering the questions asked by people in a more spontaneous, efficient, and precise manner.

AI Prompt Engineer Job Hiring

What is Prompt Engineering?

A prompt engineer’s essential work is writing text-based prompts and that is called prompt engineering where they can feed prompts to any artificial intelligence tool. So, basically, all you need to do is spoon-feed ChatGPT and GPT-4 with tons of prompts to get your desired result.

When you do that, it would generate an appropriately crafted caption, blog, or answer to their needs. Anna Bernstein, a prompt engineer at says the same about her job description. She talks about when the number of prompt engineers in her work field was scarce, and she felt like being the only one in her job, but with time, more people started to come up in this field.

Anna further stated in her blog published on Business Insider:

“The founder of explained to me that prompting is kind of like writing a spell: If you say the spell slightly wrong, something slightly wrong can happen— and vice versa. Since then, the scope of my job has grown; I now help improve existing tools and create new ones with the goal of getting the AI to spit out the best responses for users.

In practice, I spend my days writing text-based prompts — which I can’t reveal due to my NDA — that I feed into the back end of the AI tools so they can do things such as generate a blog post that is high-quality, grammatically correct, and factually accurate.”

She also talks about how this work field is free of any background training as a coder or anything related to computer science; reminiscing about her college days, Being from a humanities background did not hinder Anna’s path of becoming a Prompt Engineer, as it doesn’t need any ties to tech background.

Anna Bernstein - A Prompt Engineer

An Upswing in AI Jobs

A prompt engineer is one of the most sought-after jobs as businesses explore ways to help train and adapt to more artificial intelligence tools. It helps get relatively new language models on a large scale, providing results that are often appropriate and often fail. While our team was researching this background, we also met with some REALLY interesting facts!

The current times offer opportunities for people who understand and can work with AI tools. As per a study shared by LinkedIn, many posts under “generative AI” have surged about 36 times more since their initial number last year. In addition, the number of jobs under “GPT” flourished by more than 51% from its number in 2021 and 2020. Most of their employment targets anyone in their vicinity, not mainly aiming for computer background individuals.

Although it is still very soon to comment from our end on the future of prompt engineering as it has yet to be determined how far it will go. However, many companies have started recruitment for this position.

Another document reviewer AI company, Klarity, offers up to $250,000 for a machine learning engineer who can learn and prompt better results from an AI tool and benefit the company.

Apart from the private technology sector, many public sectors, including Boston’s Children’s Hospital and Booz Allen Hamilton consulting firm, also advertised for prompt engineers; they offer up to $215,000. Actor Donald Glover is also searching for a prompt engineer and animator for his new production company, Gilga.

Donald Glover hiring for a prompt engineer

So, now that you’ve got an idea of this hottest tech job in the world – AI Prompt Engineer. Now, let’s dive into how to become one.

How to Become a Prompt Engineer?

By now, this question is likely bugging you.

We have listed down some skills that a prompt engineer needs:

  • A prompt engineer needs efficient analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Although a particular computer or coding background doesn’t matter, it would be
  • Helpful if the engineer has some prior technical experience.
  • Proficiency with AI tools and data analyzing techniques.
  • Knowledge of storing and managing an extensive database would be beneficial for becoming a prompt engineer.

There are also paid online courses that train people to become prompt engineers. But before jumping into burning your hard cash into courses, you can experiment with ChatGPT or GPT-4 by training it or ‘prompting’ the model by using the basic language in the world – English.

3 Tips on How to Develop Better Prompts:

1. Use Thesaurus: Yes, all you need to do is experiment with different words and phrases to get the desired result.

2. Context should be clear: Ensure that you’re feeding the AI with enough context. Don’t be vague with your prompt.

Basic prompt: “Write about how to write an email to HR about vacant content writer job.”

Better prompt: “You’re a professional content writer, write an email to the HR is working with an edtech company, asking them about a vacancy regarding a content writing job for which you can provide your services at afforadable rates.”

3. Provide examples: Provide as many examples as you can while prompting to get accurate results.

Basic prompt: “Re-write this headline – “Tech Titans Clash: Microsoft and Google Set to Engage in an Epic AI Showdown!”

Better prompt: “You’re a journalist and working with Buzzfeed. Re-write this headline – “Tech Titans Clash: Microsoft and Google Set to Engage in an Epic AI Showdown! Here’s the example: Ukraine’s Zelenskyy Makes Surprise Visit To Paris For Talks With French President Macron

On the other side, there is also a side of people who believe that all the hype of prompt engineering would burn out with the development of artificial intelligence. After some time, the AI tools would not need people feeding it particular prompt structures to get out the desired emails or blogs as results; it would be able to do so independently.

As the demand for prompt engineering continues to rise, there is a diversity of opinions surrounding this field and the professionals who work within it. Companies and organizations, regardless of their public or private nature, are increasingly seeking individuals who specialize in prompt engineering to benefit their operations.

Given the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, it is crucial to closely monitor and manage this field. Consequently, the demand for prompt engineers remains consistently high, reflecting the importance placed on their expertise and contributions.

The rise of social media for everything also makes the place of work for prompt engineers entirely secure; the companies in desperate need are more than willing to offer the right price for the right candidate, provided the candidate believes in their spirit and seizes the day.

Where to Apply to Get a Six-Figure Job as an AI Prompt Engineer?

As you can see above, Linkedin had more than 16 thousand jobs “AI Prompt Engineer” jobs. This career field is quite broad, and as AI opportunities and possibilities increase, these career opportunities are never-ending.

While some may say that artificial intelligence is stealing jobs, the brighter side is those digging a little deeper; AI also increases job opportunities. This goes especially for software engineers.

While some argue this requires extensive knowledge and special skills, landing a six-figure job is relatively easy. According to Linkedin data, more than 50% of employment has surged with the keyword GPT. Would you say now that AI is killing jobs or booming more?

Tech entrepreneurs and engineers who use AI as their superpower believe that many future opportunities, such as automation, would give power and boost their financial status. Earning the big buck is possible now with AI Prompt Engineering – without needing any tech background. So, what are you waiting for?

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