GRAB interview experience and Questions

Round 1: Coding test -> Codility
Three questions were present based on strings, dynamic programming (dp) and graph for 3 hours. Once, qualified was called to office in Bangalore for further rounds.

Round 2: The time duration of this round was 1hr.
In the very beginning of the interview questions were asked based on Computer Networks example: what happens when someone writes, how server differs the two requests -> and After that coding questions were asked, based on linked list, array -> intersection of two linked list . After discovering my open source contributions, I was asked questions based on using github, difference between git rebase and git merge. Finally, questions based on Operating system were asked -> paging, thrashing, global page replacement, local page replacement.

Round 3: The time duration of this round was again 1hr.
In the starting of the interview, questions from the resume were asked. Then again coding questions based on trees and one from array. Questions based on my earlier projects were asked based on what db was used, why that was used, why specifically that tech stack etc.

Round 4: Hiring Manager round
Here questions based on my resume and in general questions were asked. some technical and some non-technical, told about the work culture in the company. Finally asked about, why GRAB?

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