GPRS Full Form

GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service. It is an expansion of Global System for Mobile Communication. GPRS is basically a mobile data standard which is packet-oriented and based on the cellular communication of 2G and 3G network’s global system for mobile communication. European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) built up the GPRS. GPRS was one of the main advances that empowered the interfacing of a cell system with Internet Protocol systems.

History :
GPRS accomplished communication across the board reception in the mid-2000s. The capacity of GPRS to pursue connectivity to the Web from a telephone totally depending on the data networking, which is underestimated in today’s world was one of the great oddity when it was first introduced.
GPRS development was done by Bernhard Walke and his student, Peter Decker, who according to a study in History were the inventors of GPRS – the first system that provided universal mobile Internet access.

Features of GPRS :

  • It was a great step towards the path of 3rd Generation Network
  • It provides Dynamic TDMA
  • It removed the Dial-up process which created difficulty
  • It provides Spectrum Efficiency

Advantages of GPRS :

  • It can keep up voice consistency even on the move.
  • It provides cheaper communication services as compared to GSM Network.
  • It has no limit on the length of login sessions for its users.
  • Enables customers to acquire data irrespective of their location.

Disadvantages of GPRS :

  • Capacity is limited for users.
  • Lower speed in reality than expectations.
  • It is difficult to receive GPRS calls while using GPRS Network.

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