Assigning values to static final variables in Java


Assigning values to static final variables in Java:
In Java, non-static final variables can be assigned a value either in constructor or with the declaration. But, static final variables cannot be assigned value in constructor; they must be assigned a value with their declaration.

For example, following program works fine.

class Test {
  final int i;  // i could be assigned a value here also
  Tets() {
    i = 10;

  //other stuff in the class

If we make i as static final then we must assign value to i with the delcaration.

class Test {
  static final int i = 10;  // Since i is static final, it must be assigned value here only. 

  //other stuff in the class

Such behavior is obvious as static variables are shared among all the objects of a class; creating a new object would change the same static variable which is not allowed if the static variable is final.

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