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10 Free Live Chat Software & Services in 2024

Last Updated : 23 May, 2024
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A great business comes with prerequisites like a flooded inbox, numerous customer queries, and a forever-busy customer support number. This is where you can serve your customers better using live chat software. A business can have substantial savings by using an online chat platform in terms of both, bandwidth and cost.

Free Live Chat Software & Services

Looking for the perfect live chat solution for your business? Your search ends here. We will learn about the top 10 free live chat software available today. Also, a gist of their features and prices will help you choose the one that suits you the best.

Without any further delay, let’s get started!

What is Live Chat Software?

Live chat software links businesses and their customers in real-time ditching the old customer support way. These tools use text messaging to connect both parties. This makes it easier and faster for customers to resolve their queries without having to wait in long queues.

Companies embed these chat software on their websites for instantaneous customer replies. This way customers no longer have to wait to get connected to the customer support teams and the telephonic operators can be solely dedicated to more complex issues. So, you can also call it the savior of “Customer Support” bandwidth.


10 Free Live Chat Software and Services in 2024

Let’s go through the list of top 10 free live chat app alternatives for your website. Also, make sure to check for the annual payment plans, we have included the monthly payments but you get an additional 20 to 30% off if you opt for annual payments.

Tawk offers all the necessary features at no extra cost. It is considered best for real-time customer monitoring that operates with small JavaScript snippets on the website. This also makes sure that the website is not resource-heavy and doesn’t affect the load times. Adidas, Chevrolet, and Domino’s are a few among the 5+ million users of Tawk chat software.


  • Automated targeted emailing to further engage customers and potential customers.
  • Apollo AI ChatBot for faster-automated replies and seamless bot-to-human handovers.
  • Pop up a chat window on the website for uninterrupted customer experience.



Link – “100% FREE live chat software for your website!”

Hubspot Free Live Chat

Hubspot’s free live chat app has an edge over the competitors owing to its integration with Hubspot CRM. This enables auto logging of customer chat within their respective profiles. Using this database the team can analyze the recurring issues and resolve them to save bandwidth in the future. This makes Hubspot the “best live chat for website” on this list.


  • Auto-assign leads and customers to the right person on the team.
  • Ai-trained chatbot for quick responses to common questions
  • Free Slack integration for on-the-go using Slack or the mobile app


  • Service hub – free with limited features
  • Service Hub Started – $50 per month
  • Service Hub professional- $400 per month
  • Service Hub Enterprise – $1200 per month


Engage Website Visitors with Free Live Chat | HubSpot



Tidio can be a great alternative to other live chat apps with the synergy benefits of combining live chat with chatbot and AI. The faster setup times and a free chatbot help your business to slash the average response time. To add to that speed, Tidio also integrates smart ready-to-send replies making it a smarter online chat platform.


  • Highly customizable chat widget offering a personal brand touch.
  • Chatbot support with over 35 templates for chatbots to choose from.
  • Cross-platform capabilities with support for Windows, Mac, android, and ios


  • Free with limited features
  • Starter: $29 per month (7 days free trial)
  • Growth: $59 per month (7 days free trial)
  • Tidio+: $398 per month


Customer Service Pricing | Tidio



Glassix’s live chat is one of the most popular live chat apps for small businesses and startups looking to elevate their customer experience and support. You can easily integrate the feature with any 3rd party tools and CRM, and easily customize it to fit your business and brand. The best part is that you can configure various live chat widgets to match your brand identity and colors andcustomize each widget with its own set of unique welcome messages, channel selection, and behaviors.


  • Omnichannel integration: Seamlessly connects with multiple communication platforms, allowing for consistent and unified customer interactions across channels.

  • AI-powered automation: Employs advanced AI to automate routine inquiries and provide real-time assistance, enhancing efficiency and response quality.

  • Proactive engagement tools: Automatically engage customers based on their behavior on the website or app, improving conversions and customer satisfaction..


  • Free trial – Get a 30-day free Glassix live chat trial
  • · Starter – Start as little as $49 per user per month
  • · Growth – Start as little as $65 per user per month
  • · Enterprise – Talk to sales for custom pricing


Explore this top-rated Live Chat software solution | Glassix

Glassix integrates all of your business pages across different platforms, be it Twitter, Facebook, or WhatsApp. With on your side, you can receive messages via any of these integrated channels. With the capabilities of a shared inbox, it makes team collaboration and responses to customers quick and efficient. It is the best live chat for websites of startups and freelancers.


  • Co-browsing where the operator can see the visitor’s screen for proactive targeting.
  • Creates a knowledge database of chat history which can be accessed later
  • Offline form service where queries can be submitted while operators are unavailable, to be addressed later.


  • Teams: $99 per month for 10 agents (7 days free trial)
  • Business: $299 per month for 25 agents (7 days free trial)

Link | #1 AI-Powered Customer Conversation Management Software



Zendesk has earned its name in the customer support landscape. It caters to a wide range of business needs with a diverse range of prices. It offers live chat software support as part of the comprehensive plan and also as a standalone chat software service. While the comprehensive service plans cost you more, the utility business services from it make up for the extra charges.


  • Pre-built reporting dashboard for informed decision-making and performance improvements.
  • 1000 plus apps and integration ready for deployment.
  • Ticketing system allowing customers to follow up on their queries.


  • Support team: $25 per month for 5 agents
  • Support Professional: $69 per month for 5 agents
  • Support Enterprise: $149 per month for 5 agents
  • Comprehensive Zendesk Suite plans
  • Suite team: $69 per month for 5 agents
  • Suite Growth: $115 per month for 5 agents
  • Suite Professional: $149 per month for 5 agents


Zendesk: Customer Service Software and Sales CRM | Best in 2023 | Zendesk India



Intercom is a sales and marketing company but its chat software stands out in terms of its functionality. Its built-in bots and live chat capabilities boost up the whole lead generation process. Intercom helps in targeted reachouts and its feature-rich live chat app helps businesses scale up without needing to add extra staff.


  • Customizable chatbots for personalized customer experiences without any coding.
  • Onboarding drives with guiding customers from starting from sign-up to product tours and more.
  • Intercom Switch offers operators to address queries on the go in just a few taps.


  • Essential- $39 per seat per month
  • Advanced- $99 per seat per month
  • Expert- $139 per seat per month


Live Chat | Intercom



If you are looking to integrate the best live chat for websites, JivoChat is a great option. It is one of the very few omnichannel live chat apps available out there. It specializes in small to medium size businesses. Easy integration with social media channels like Instagram and Facebook and a single inbox for calls, chats emails make it a blessing in disguise for those smaller businesses.


  • Seamless integration with CRMs, messaging, apps, business tools, and more.
  • Smart triggers that help you identify and reach customers proactively.
  • Visitor insights about demography, device and click source.


  • Basic: $0
  • Professional: $19 per month per agent(billed annually) (14 days free trial)
  • Enterprise: $38 per month per agent(billed annually) (14 days free trial)


Live Chat Software for Websites | JivoChat



Olark offers robust chat software that engages customers, provides support, and gathers feedback all at once. Olark wins over trust by offering customer case studies, where one of its users saw a 174% rise in conversion rates. Building this sense of trust, Olark doesn’t fail to amuse users with the myriad of features it offers.


  • Easy-to-use user interface and customizing capabilities
  • Automated chats that greet and transfer customers to the right department.
  • Olark team dashboard makes it easy to manage larger teams and monitor performance.


Full Feature: $29 per month per seat


Olark – Accessible live chat and bots


1ProProfs Chat

ProProfs is the go-to option for businesses looking forward to having great live chat software and managing team performance. Detailed reports help owners evaluate operator metrics like average response time and chat ratings. With this data, businesses can target, rectify, and improve customer experience on their website. ProProfs offers an online chat platform with support of 70+ languages which can be very helpful to convert traffic coming in from diverse geographies.


  • Escalation and transfer options to the right person in the right department.
  • Canned responses for reduced response time in case of predefined messages.
  • 24×7 chatbot for appointment automation and lead generation.


  • Single operator: Free
  • Two or more operators: $29.99 per month per operator
  • Complete Support plan: $99


Free Live Chat Software for Websites & Mobile Apps | ProProfs (


Best Free LiveChat Software & Services

We looked at the top 10 alternatives for the best live chat for websites, JivoChat can be a great live chat software alternative for small enterprises and startups. Whereas corporates and retail businesses can go with Hubspot is the go-to choice for corporate and retail businesses with its seamless integration with the Hubspot CRM software.

While most of the alternatives offer free versions, Tawk stands out with its all-inclusive free-for-life service including sentiment tracking, unlimited history, screen sharing, and more.


To create a great customer experience, it is a must for a business to embed live chat software in its website. In this blog, you got to know about the best online chat platforms.

Some of these tools offered free for-life service while others gave comprehensive customer service with upgrade programs. Learning about these live chat software in detail before implementing will give you a better image of which tool to choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free live chat? is the choice of popular brands like Adidas and Domino’s. With the latest addition, Apollo AI chatbot is one of the best live chat software.

Is Hubspot live chat free?

Hubspot live chat comes free with the Hubspot CRM service.

What is the safest live chat site?

A live chat app with SSL certification is safe to use, Chatra is one among those chat apps.

How do I integrate live chat software for my website?

Pick the live chat platform of your choice and follow the integration steps on their website. Customize the chat widget and set up operating hours.

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