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Django+React Full Stack Development Setup using Dact

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 01 Feb, 2021

When we work on a project having Django as our Back-end and having a powerful front-end using React, the development setup takes a significant amount of time to setup – configuring Babel, Webpack, URLs, views, etc.  We used to set up this earlier to get started with ReactJS before npx create-react-app came.

The npx create-react-app command enables us to work on react without thinking about all the Babel, Webpack, etc. It becomes a problem when we try to use npx create-react-app in our Django app. So in this article, we are going to use a Python CLI App or Package- Dact. Dact enables us to set up a React-Django Development setup in just a single command. It’s open-sourced and its code is available on GitHub

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Note: Make sure you have Python, pip and npm installed in your system.

Follow the below steps to successfully set up a React-Django project in your system:

Step 1: First we need to install dact using pip as shown below:

pip install dact

Step 2: Check if dact is successfully installed by typing “dact” in your terminal.


Step 3: To start a Django-React Full stack development project, just type- 

dact {your_project_name}

It creates a Django project with the name you provided and a frontend app named- “reactfrontend”. You may also set up the project using your custom front-end app name using

dact {your_project_name} {react_front_end_app_name}

Step 4: Enter the Project 

cd my_project

Step 5: Run Django Server 

python runserver

Your Welcome Page serves at localhost:8000

Step 6: Watch the changes in React file. 

Open a different terminal and type 


Note: Make sure you are in the same directory as

Let dact-watch run in the background while you work on your Front-end.

Step 7: Edit your React Front-end. To edit the React file, you need to go to : 

reactfrontend > static > src > App.js

Let’s write Hello GeeksForGeeks. 

Make the changes. Make sure dact-watch is running in the background. Refresh your Welcome Page. 

Now you may create your own Django app for the back-end and develop your dream project using React and Django with the help of Dact..

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