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Difference between VelocityDB and Yanza

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1. VelocityDB : It is .NET Object Database that can be embedded/distributed and extended to a graph data model (VelocityGraph) Database is fast and low memory consuming. VelocityDB is an extremely high performance, easy to use, scalable, embeddable and distributable object database system. 2. Yanza : It is Time Series DBMS for IoT (The Internet of Things) Applications and Developed by Yanza. Its Server Operating system is Window and supports HTTP API.
Difference between VelocityDB and Yanza :
S.NO. VelocityDB Yanza
1 Developed by VelocityDB Inc and initially released on 2011 and Current release of VelocityDB is 7.x Developed by Yanza and initially released on 2015.
2 Server operating systems of VelocityDB  is Any that supports .NET Server operating systems of Yanza is Windows.
3 Its primary database model is Graph DBMS and Object oriented DBMS Its primary database model is Time Series DBMS.
4 VelocityDB  supports .Net programming languages. Yanza supports any language that supports HTTP calls.
5 APIs and other access methods of VelocityDB is .Net Yanza supports HTTP API.
6 Yes, VelocityDB has a Data Schema. Data scheme of Yanza is schema-free.
7 It has Implementation language-C# . It doesn’t has any Implementation language.
8 VelocityDB- Transaction concepts is ACID ( Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability). Its doesn’t holds transaction concepts. 
9 Absence of Replication methods  Absence of Replication methods in Yanza.
10 VelocityDB has Immediate Consistency concept. Yanza has Immediate Consistency concept.
11 Sharding is a Partitioning methods of VelocityDB. It does not has partitioning methods.

Last Updated : 26 Jun, 2020
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