Difference between Google ads and Facebook ads

1. Google Ads :
Google Ads is kind of a market place or an online advertising platform developed by Google (23 October 2000) in which we promote our business through keywords or display ads, product listing, service offering with in google ads network. Mainly google ads working on keyword searching. If you choose best keyword for your google ads then your ads show first page on google which helps to easily identify by the users.

2. Facebook Ads :
Facebook Ads is kind of online advertising which describe the focus on social networking services which allows to advertisements to reach a specific audience or targeted audience and analysis their interest, purchasing pattern, behavior, and their usage. It also includes age, gender, location for targeted audience. Facebook has around 1.18 million daily active users.

Difference between Google ads and Facebook ads :

Google ads Facebook ads
Google ads is especially effective in improving brand awareness, driving engagement and manage events. Facebook ads is more effective when it come to increasing sales and acquiring leads.
Google ads are less effective as compare to Facebook ads due to the popularity of Adblock. Facebook ads is more effective because there is no Adblock system in that.
In google ads audience profile based on what they are searching for that moment. In facebook ads audience profile based on what they like and who they are.
Targeted audience based on age, gender, location and interest. Targeted audience based on context and searching intent.
Google Ads includes:
Search Network campaign,
Display Network campaign,
Shopping campaign,
Video campaign,
App campaign
Facebook ads include:
Video ads,
Photo ads,
Slideshow ads,
Carousel ads,
Canvas ads

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