Difference Between GitLab and GitHub

GitLab: GitLab is a repository hosting manager tool that is developed by GitLab Inc and is used for the software development process. It provides a variety of management by which we can streamline our collaborative workflow for completing the software development lifecycle. It also allows us to import the repository from Google Code, Bitbucket, etc.
Following are some features of GitLab:

  • Open-source community edition repository management platform.
  • Easy Maintaining of repository on a server.
  • Offers tools like Group Milestones, Time Tracking and Issue Tracker, etc. for effective development.
  • More Spontaneous User interface and authentication features.
  • User Permission and Branch protection are enhanced.

GitHub: GitHub is a repository hosting service tool that features collaboration and access control. It is a platform for programmers to fix bugs together and host open-source projects. GitHub is designed for the developers and to help them track their changes into a project through the repository.
Following are some features of GitHub:

  • Specifies milestone and labels to the projects.
  • Comparison view between branches is allowed.
  • GitHub Pages allows us to publish and host websites within GitHub.
  • Syntax highlight feature.
  • It allows third-party API integrations for bug tracking and cloud hosting.

Below is a table of differences between GitLab and GitHub:

Parameters GitLab GitHub
Developed by GitLab was developed by Dmitriy Zaporozhets and Valery Sizov. GitHub was developed by Chris Wanstrath, Tom Preston-Werner, P. J. Hyett, and Scott Chacon.
Open source GitLab is open-source for community edition. GitHub is not open source.
Public Repository It allows users to make public repository. It allows users to have unlimited free repository.
Private Repository GitLab also provides free private repository. GitHub allows users to have free private repository but with maximum of three collaborators.
Navigation GitLab provides the feature of navigation into the repository. GitHub allows user to navigate usability.
Project Analysis GitLab provides user to see project development charts. GitHub doesn’t have this feature yet but they can check the commit history.
  • GitLab is freely available and open is source for community edition
  • It is a cloud-native application is is highly secure.
  • It helps us create an organized document for the project.
  • It is used for sharing the work in front of the public.
  • GitLab is available with many bugs and it makes user experience sloppy.
  • It is difficult to manage code reviews for the first timers.
  • There is a limited private repository.
  • It supports only Git version control.
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