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Difference between Fact Table and Dimension Table

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  • Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2022

A reality or fact table’s record could be a combination of attributes from totally different dimension tables. The Fact Table or Reality Table helps the user to investigate the business dimensions that helps him in call taking to enhance his business. 

On the opposite hand, Dimension Tables facilitate the reality table or fact table to gather dimensions on that the measures needs to be taken. 

The main difference between fact table or reality table and the Dimension table is that dimension table contains attributes on that measures are taken actually table. 

Difference between Fact Table and Dimension Table: 


Fact Table

Dimension Table

1.Fact table contains the measuring of the attributes of a dimension table.Dimension table contains the attributes on that truth table calculates the metric.
2.In fact table, There is less attributes than dimension table.While in dimension table, There is more attributes than fact table.
3.In fact table, There is more records than dimension table.While in dimension table, There is less records than fact table.
4.Fact table forms a vertical table.While dimension table forms a horizontal table.
5.The attribute format of fact table is in numerical format and text format.While the attribute format of dimension table is in text format.
6.It comes after dimension table.While it comes before fact table.
7.The number of fact table is less than dimension table in a schema.While the number of dimension is more than fact table in a schema.
8.It is used for analysis purpose and decision making.While the main task of dimension table is to store the information about a business and its process.
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