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Top 10 DevOps Projects with Source Code [2024]

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DevOps is a highly demanding technology and advancement in the IT industry and also pays you very well. DevOps is a method to collaborate development and operations together. To understand it, you must learn the basics and build some great projects. You must also be aware of the tools and technologies used in building DevOps projects. You’ve come to the right place.

DevOps Projects with Source Code

In this blog, we’ll be going through some of the top and best DevOps Project Ideas along with Source Code in 2024. These projects are provided with source code so that you can have a look at the coding part and understand its working. You can also try your hands-on with these projects. But before going to the DevOps projects let us see What DevOps is.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is like a teamwork approach for making and delivering computer programs. It brings together the folks who create the software (Development) and the ones who make sure it runs smoothly (Operations). The main aim of DevOps is to make the process of building and delivering software faster and better. It’s like a bridge that helps these two teams work together more easily, so the software is created, tested, and delivered quickly and without problems. Now let’s move to the Top DevOps Project Ideas with Source Code that you should consider.

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DevOps Projects with Source Code

One of the best ways to master DevOps principles and tools is by applying them in real-world scenarios through practical projects. So if you are a DevOps engineer, a professional looking to improve your skills, or a team leader aiming to adopt DevOps within your organization, you can check the below-mentioned best DevOps projects with source code to start with.

1. WebServer using Docker

The very first DevOps project is WebServer using Docker which offers a framework for web app images in Ruby, Python, and Meteor. It creates a default base image that can be used by developers for producing environments. This will be a perfect start to building DevOps projects.

It teaches you the basic skills and concepts of working with containers, monitoring your server, and how Docker can be used to deploy and manage a web application. After building this project, you can move ahead with other projects on DevOps.

Source Code: WebServer using Docker

2. Jenkins Remoting Project

Another project that tops the list of DevOps project ideas is creating a Jenkins Remoting project. Jenkins Remoting is a library and archive for communication layer creation. While learning this project, you’ll need knowledge of networking fundamentals, Java, and message queues to execute the task.

The features included in this project are TCP protocols, procedure calls, data streaming, etc. The basic objective of this DevOps project is to provide a set of APIs and tools to remotely control the Jenkins server developers. This is one of the basic-level projects for any beginner who’s looking for a career in DevOps.

Source Code: Jenkins Remoting Project

3. CI/CD Pipeline using Azure

This DevOps project is again one of the best project ideas for any beginner where you just need to set up continuous delivery (CD) and continuous integration (CI) pipelines using Azure DevOps. A CI/CD pipeline is a key part of any DevOps process. Azure provides you a powerful set of tools useful to implement a CI/CD pipeline, including Azure Container Registry, Azure Pipelines, and Azure App Service.

While working on this project, you’ll learn how to use these services to build a complete CI/CD pipeline for a web application. Practising Azure DevOps projects is very much considered for beginners.

Source Code: CI/CD Pipeline using Azure

4. CD Pipeline using AWS

This project will help you develop a continuous delivery pipeline for a web application. Initially, you’ll store your source code in a version control system. Then you’ll learn on how to set up a CD pipeline that’ll deploy your web application automatically anytime when your source code is updated. It uses GitHub, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS CodeBuild, and AWS CodePipeline.

Also, there are many different ways to set up a CD pipeline, but one popular option is to use Amazon Web Services (AWS). It provides many tools that can be used to build a CD pipeline, including CodePipeline, CodeBuild, and CloudFormation.

Source Code: CD Pipeline using AWS

5. Building Version Control System

Building a version control system is very beneficial as it is used majorly by developers. A version control system is a platform where you can track your code, edit, undo, and redo changes, switch between versions, and share the code with other programmers.

In this project, you’ll set up your Git server and learn how to use it for collaborative development. You will also learn how to integrate DevOps projects GitHub, Jenkins and more. This is bit-advanced level DevOps project with some basic-level of experience. Some of the best and majorly used VCS are Git and Mercurial.

Source Code: Building Version Control System

6. Deploying Application Using Kubernetes

In this project, you need to run the application on Kubernetes, hence dockerizing is the initial step in this project. You’ll also learn to work with the different aspects of Kubernetes, such as pods, deployments, and services. You’ll work on scaling the application and dealing with failures.

You’ll deploy a simple web application using a Kubernetes cluster. With this, you’ll learn how to create Kubernetes objects which includes deployments, services, and secrets.

Source Code: Deploying Application Using Kubernetes

7. Structuring a Terraform Project

Terraform is a very important tool in any infrastructure-as-code toolkit. Hence, if you’re wondering to level-up your understanding on DevOps, you can prefer working on a Terraform project. Structuring a Terraform Project means making the code more readable and easier to maintain. You can also try different ways to organize your code.

This project helps you to reduce the overall complexity of your infrastructure. You’ll create a project with a easy structure using the common features of Terraform like variables, locals, data sources, and provisioners. In the end, your project will deploy an Ubuntu 20.04 server (Droplet) on DigitalOcean, install an Apache web server, and point your domain to the web server.

Source Code: Structuring a Terraform Project

8. Building and Executing Selenium Project

This project is again the best DevOps Project where you need to build and execute Selenium project. You need to have a strong grip on automation and web development concepts before beginning this project.

In this project, you’ll work on execution of tests, the analysis of reports, and the reporting of bugs. This helps building effecientapplications and in the faster delivery of high-quality products to clients. You’ll able to have a clear understanding of real-world example of DevOps concepts.

Source Code: Building and Executing Selenium Project

9. Building an App Monitoring Dashboard

Next is building an app monitoring dashboard using DevOps concepts. You need to have a good knowledge on the required tools and integrations to build this app. This project is used to monitor your application’s health by using monitoring tools, and also will add instrumentation to apps.

This project helps you to provide immediate responses of how the application behaves and provides benefit in the early detection and resolution of issues. Through this project, you will gain knowledge about time series databases and how monitoring tools function. Some tools are Prometheus, Graphite, Statsd, Nagios, and Grafana.

Source Code: Building an App Monitoring Dashboard

10. Java Application using Gradle

Java Application using Gradle is another best DevOps project which includes building a Java application and breaking it into subprojects. You’ll build the application, run the build and build it’s test report. You’ll execute a Java application and build it in an archive.

Once you begin building your application using Gradle (tool to manage dependencies, automate tasks, and more) and Java to become a DevOps expert, you can start also start experimenting with other languages and technologies.

Source Code: Java Application using Gradle


These DevOps Project Ideas mentioned above are the best ones and you must definitely try them. You can work on implementing these projects and add them on your resume and apply for your job interviews. Also, while building these projects, you’ll learn the DevOps tools and technologies for developing efficient web applications.


What are some DevOps projects?

Some of the best DevOps projects for working professionals:

  • Deploying a Containerized Web Application
  • Building Version Control System
  • Structuring a Terraform Project

How do I get DevOps real time projects?

Some of the DevOps real-time projects include:

  • Creating a simple web server
  • Learn Git Branching and Source Code Management
  • Create a CI/CD Pipeline using Azure DevOps

What is a real world example of DevOps?

Some of the real-world example of DevOps are Netflix, Amazon, and Etsy where you can implement DevOps practices. Netflix improved its software delivery speed with continuous deployment, whereas Amazon scaled its infrastructure efficiently for high availability.

Last Updated : 08 Feb, 2024
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