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Design an online hotel booking system like OYO Rooms

Last Updated : 18 Sep, 2023
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We need to design an online hotel booking system where a user can search a hotel in a given city and book it. This is an OOP design question, so I have not written the full code in this solution. I have created the classes and attributes only.
Solution :
Main Classes :
1. User 
2. Room 
3. Hotel 
4. Booking 
5. Address 
6. Facilities


// Java code skeleton to design an online hotel
// booking system.
public enum RoomStatus {
public enum RoomType {
public enum PaymentStatus {
public enum Facility {
class User {
    int userId;
    String name;
    Date dateOfBirth;
    String mobNo;
    String emailId;
    String sex;
// For the room in any hotel
class Room {
    int roomId; // roomNo
    int hotelId;
    RoomType roomType;
    RoomStatus roomStatus;
class Hotel {
    int hotelId;
    String hotelName;
    Address address;
    // hotel contains the list of rooms
    List<Room> rooms;
    float rating;
    Facilities facilities;
// a new booking is created for each booking 
// done by any user
class Booking {
    int bookingId;
    int userId;
    int hotelId;
    // We are assuming that in a single 
    // booking we can book only the rooms 
    // of a single hotel
    List<Rooms> bookedRooms; 
    int amount;
    PaymentStatus status_of_payment;
    Date bookingTime;
    Duration duration;
class Address {
    String city;
    String pinCode;
    String state;
    String streetNo;
    String landmark;
class Duration {
    Date from;
    Date to;
class Facilities {
    List<Facility> facilitiesList;

Let me explain about the classes and the relationships among themselves.

The enums defined here are self-explanatory. The classes User, Room, and Address are also self-explanatory. The class Facilities contains a list of facilities (enum) that the hotel provides. We can add more facilities in the Facility enum if required. The duration class has two attributes “from” and “to”, which is obvious.

Now, the class “Hotel” contains: 
1. List of rooms (Room class) // this is the list of rooms the hotel has 
2. Address class // its address 
3. Facilities class // the facilities it has
The class “Booking” contains: 
1. User // information about the 
2. Hotel // Information about the hotel 
3. List of rooms 
4. PaymentStatus etc.
Other fields in this class are also self-explanatory.


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