Dassault Systems R&D Software Developer Interview (CATIA)

Hello Everyone,

I got call from Naukri.com,   Scheduled my interview date.

Note:- I have No prior knowledge of Programming except basic C, which was being covered in First year syllabus.

Round 1: 

Two Set of Question Paper was given. Both have combined time of 35 minutes.

First paper contain questions based on Logical Reasoning (Based on Relation, decoding etc.)

Second paper was Aptitude (Most questions were based on Geometry ).

Round 2:

It was Personal Interview. Started with Normal Introduction.

I clearly told the Interviewer, i don’t know programming.

He started Asking puzzles, i cracked those.

After few puzzles he started asking question from mathematics (Co-ordinate Geometry, vector, Arithmetic & Geometric Progression etc..)

The questions were asked which don not unique solution. Actually Every Solution is right as well as wrong.

I am sharing few of them.

Q1:- How will you say computer which is your right side and which one is left?

Q2:- How a computer will know if a point is on right side or left side of a line(Related to Vector 3D)?

Q3:- Assume 2 Lines intersecting each other in 2D plane. From their intersection point two angle bisector will pass. How can you decide which one is Acute angle bisector and which one is obtuse angle bisector and calculate equation of bisector if you are given all required information.

From above questions you can easily deduce they don’t want to know how much programming you know. They just want to see your dedication and logics. After all in R&D all that matter is Trial and Error with Dedication.


If you even don’t know correct answer, just do the steps you know. those steps will guide you. just do it. At max you can fail. Trial is better that Quitting.



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