Crest Data Systems Interview Experience(Software Developer)

Interviewed in 2019.

Online Test (Test Duration was 3 hours):

The online test had 3 sections:

  1. Aptitude, Verbal & logical Reasoning
  2. Basic Coding & Debugging (Programming Test 1)
  3. Advanced Coding (Programming Test 2)

All above sections had subsections & each subsection had a time limit. people doing competitive programming won’t have any problem to clear the test.

100 students out of 160 were shortlisted for interviews

The time limit for rounds was different for different panels. they were flexible with any language for writing code, but you should know Java.

Round 1: (Technical PI)

The Panel consisted of Two interviewers. First, they asked me to explain most recent project which i mentioned on my resume. Then they asked 3 Coding questions & 2 puzzles. We discussed many approaches & then i did implementations. both questions were of intermediate level & puzzles were fairly simple. Then one of the interviewer went deep into the concepts of thread & also told me to explain life cycle of thread & gave a scenario in which i had to explain how thread will be useful for achieving maximum CPU utilization. Then he asked me about servlets & life cycle of servlets (As i used Servlets in my project). Then he asked me some basic concepts of OS like: Paging, Page replacement algorithms. He asked me to write RegExp for email. There were some SQL queries asked to me on left joins of two tables & they also asked me about Normalization & what are the advantages & disadvantages of using Normalization.

This Round went on for about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Round 2: (Technical PI2)

There were 4 coding questions asked in this round.

  1. An array of numbers was given, a key value was given. You need to display the elements which are closest to the key element & the number of such numbers will be dynamic.

Ex. 1, 4, 5, -2, -3, 10

key = 4

number of closest elements to be found: 2

Ans: 4, 5.

2. Given a string in encoded format, determine the decoded format of the string & vice versa

Ex. A2BC4D5


3. Given a sum value & an array of integers, find the subset of minimum elements to achieve the given sum.

Ex. sum = 12

array: 1, 5, 4, 6, 2, 3, 9

Ans: 3, 9

4. Find a loop in the Linked List.

This round went for about 50 mins. Majority of people got rejected after this round.

Round 3: (Technical PI3 + Managerial Round)

This round was taken by the CTO of the company.

First i was told to introduce myself & then i was asked a simple coding problem:

Given a list of elements with distinct as well as repeated elements, find the distinct elements from the given list.

Ex. 1, 2, 3, 2, 1, 4

Ans: 3, 4

It only took Two minutes for me to code & explain my solution to her. She was pretty impressed with my solution & she told me that she didn’t wanted to ask anything else.

This round hardly took 5 minutes.

Round 4:(HR Round)

There were some people who got rejected even after this round.

The HR first asked me if i was tired because of such a long process. Then she asked some basic questions about my family background, for how many companies i have interviewed before & why i am joining this company. She asked me what i did in my spare time. Then we also discussed about the scope of growth in the company & what are those technologies i will be working on.

None of the questions have any specific answer but just be reasonable for your answers.

All The Best!

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