Cypress Semiconductor Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Role: Software Engineer.
Round 0: Online Test: MCQs on Input output questions of C, simplifying digital design circuit expressions, Types of memory, Addressing Mode in computer architecture, Questions on Time complexity, 2 or 3 questions on probability.

Round 1:

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Which are various storage classes in C.
  3. Write the code demonstrating Register storage class usage.
  4. What if Registers are all occupied and we have used register storage class? What will happen.
  5. Write a function which takes in two variables, adds two numbers and returns pointer to the variable. (knowledge of stack frame, malloc, calloc is checked).
  6. How memory is dynamically allocated in C.
  7. Difference between Calloc and Malloc.
  8. What is Memory leak, how to avoid it.
  9. How memory is allocated to the structure for various variables of structure.

                        struct temp{

                                  int a;

                                  int b;

                                  char c;

                                  int d;


  1. What is padding in structure in C.
  2. Why 4 bytes are taken care off in padding?
  3. Write a C code to set and unset a bit at a given position in C. (bit manipulation)
  4. Asked whether aware about 8051, 8085, 8086 microcontroller.
  5. Asked about assembly language.

(Note: As I was studying point 13 and 14 in current semester, I told them I don’t have much idea for them.)

15. Any Questions from your side?

Round 2:

  1. Tell me about yourself which is not there in your resume.
  2. Two puzzles:
    1. A rectangular cake given, divide it into 8 equal parts.
    2. A square land given, divided into 4 squares. One part is taken off, divide the remaining 3 squares into 4 equal parts. (divide the white portion in 4 equal parts in below image).


  1. Write a code in C for finding the smallest nearest power of 2 number by pass by reference to the function.
  2. Write a code in C for finding number of the set bits in a number by pass by reference to the function.
  3. Write a macro in C for setting the i­th bit of a given variable (bit manipulation).(In above three codes syntax was strictly focused)
  4. What is const in C.
    1. difference between const int*p and int* const p
    2. difference between const int p and int cont p
  5. What is a Scheduler(OS).
  6. Types of Scheduler in operating Systems.
  7. What are Registers. Why are registers used?
  8. Are Linux and Ubuntu different and what is relation between them (just to check confidence interviewer will prompt you, are you sure?)
  9. Will you work in Cypress, if you have work only in C language.
  10. What steps do you take when you have to complete your task but you are facing some difficulty?
  11. Any plans for future studies.
  12. Any questions from your side.

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