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Currying Function in Python
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 07 Feb, 2019

In problem solving and functional programming, currying is the practice of simplifying the execution of a function that takes multiple arguments into executing sequential single-argument functions. In simple terms, Currying is used to transform multiple-argument function into single argument function by evaluating incremental nesting of function arguments. Currying also mends one argument to another forms a relative pattern while execution.

Mathematical Illustration of Currying:
In general currying of functions takes up any number of calculations and data to single real function that returns an expected output. Here we take,

f(x, y) = (x*x*x) + (y*y*y)
h(x) = (x*x*x)
h(y) = (y*y*y)
h(x)(y) = h(x)+h(y)
f(x, y) = h(x)(y)
Curry f = h(x)(y)

For example, we will take chaining the composition of function.

a(x) = b(c(d(x)))

def change(b, c, d):
    def a(x):
        return b(c(d(x)))
    return a

v(a, b, c, d, e) = w(x(y(z(a, b, c, d, e))))

# Currying in Python - Many to Single Argument
 def change(a):
    def w(b):
        def x(c):
            def y(d):
                def z(e):
                    print(a, b, c, d, e)
                return z
            return y
        return x
    return w


10 20 30 40 50

Here, the concept is nesting of one function to another function and hence the result of one function gets recorded in the chain of functions. There by simplifying one huge block of manipulation to simpler sequential blocks.

Code #1: Change kilometer to meter and meter to centimeter.

# Demonstrate Currying of composition of function
def change(b, c, d):
    def a(x):
        return b(c(d(x)))
    return a
def kilometer2meter(dist): 
    """ Function that converts km to m. """
    return dist * 1000
def meter2centimeter(dist): 
    """ Function that converts m to cm. """
    return dist * 100
def centimeter2feet(dist):
    """ Function that converts cm to ft. """
    return dist / 30.48
if __name__ == '__main__':
    transform = change(centimeter2feet, meter2centimeter, kilometer2meter )
    e = transform(565)



Code #2:

# Demonstrate Currying of composition of function
def change(b, c, d):
    def a(x):
        return b(c(d(x)))
    return a
def daystohour(time): 
    """ Function that converts days to hours. """
    return time * 24
def hourstominutes(time): 
    """ Function that converts hours to minutes. """
    return time * 60
def minutestoseconds(time):
    """ Function that converts minutes to seconds. """
    return time * 60
if __name__ == '__main__':
    transform = change(minutestoseconds, hourstominutes, daystohour)
    e = transform(10)



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