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Convert the .PNG to .GIF and it’s vice-versa in Python
  • Last Updated : 24 Jan, 2021


Python supports subsystems for converting one file format to another. This article discusses this topic and depicts how a png file can be converted to its gif equivalent and vice versa. For conversion of one file format to the other PIL is employed.

The given example uses a GUI interface to the code, so we will require Tkinter. It is a Python binding to the Tk GUI toolkit. It is the standard Python interface to the Tk GUI toolkit which provide the interface to the GUI apps.


  • Import modules
  • Create a normal window
  • Add buttons to take choice whether to convert to png to gif or vice versa
  • Open file
  • Check if the file supplied is of the correct format
  • Convert to its respective equivalent
  • Save image
  • Execute code



from tkinter import *
from tkinter import filedialog as fd
import os
from PIL import Image
from tkinter import messagebox
root = Tk()
# naming the GUI interface to image_conversion_APP
# creating the Function which converts the jpg_to_png
def gif_to_png():
    global im
    import_filename = fd.askopenfilename()
    if import_filename.endswith(".gif"):
        im =
        export_filename = fd.asksaveasfilename(defaultextension=".png")
        messagebox.showinfo("Success", "File converted to .png")
        messagebox.showerror("Fail!!", "Error Interrupted!!!! Check Again")
def png_to_gif():
    import_filename = fd.askopenfilename()
    if import_filename.endswith(".png"):
        im =
        export_filename = fd.asksaveasfilename(defaultextension=".gif")
        messagebox.showinfo("Success", "File converted to .gif")
        messagebox.showerror("Fail!!", "Error Interrupted!!!! Check Again")
button1 = Button(root, text="GIF_to_PNG", width=20, height=2, bg="green",
                 fg="white", font=("helvetica", 12, "bold"), command=gif_to_png), y=120)
button2 = Button(root, text="PNG_to_GIF", width=20, height=2, bg="green",
                 fg="white", font=("helvetica", 12, "bold"), command=png_to_gif), y=220)


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