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Convert Named Vector to DataFrame in R

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  • Last Updated : 06 Jun, 2021

In this article, we will see how to convert the named vector to Dataframe in the R Programming Language. 

Method 1:

Generally while converting a named vector to a dataframe we may face a problem. That is, names of vectors may get converted into row names, and data may be converted into a single column. So we need to convert the vector into a list then convert the list into a dataframe.

First, we will convert the vector into a list using as.list( ) method and passed it to data.frame( ) method in order to convert the vector into dataframe.



vector1 = c(1, "karthik", "IT")
names(vector1) = c("id", "name", "branch")
df = data.frame(as.list(vector1))

Output :

Method 2: Using tibble library.

In tibble library there is a method called as_tibble( ) function. In order to use as_tibble( ) we need to install tibble library. To install package we can use install.packages( ) function by passing package name as parameter.

syntax : variable = as_tibble (as.list(vector)) 



vec1 = c("1", "karthik", "IT")
names(vec1) = c("id", "name", "branch")


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