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Cloudera Interview Experience

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Round 1: Cloudera, as the name suggests, is a cloud solutions-based company. They came for the first time to our college for an on Campus Placement test. We were given five questions divided into two sections, the first one having three questions, all of which were compulsory. The second section was considerably tougher and we had to only answer any one of the two. It was conducted on Hackerrank and we had two hours to solve it. The thing is that it was extremely easy to solve if you know python and its basic libraries and data structures. Doing this in two hours in C is near impossible. In Java, it is a little less of a challenge than in C but not as easy as it was in Python. The questions had nothing to do with Data Structures and Algorithms, rather the emphasis was on problem-solving skills. The questions were as follows
  1. Given an array of strings containing names of people, print the contents of the array after modifying it like so: a) If there is only one occurrence of the name in the array, print it as it is .2) However, if there is another occurrence of the word. then append the count of the number to the string starting from the second occurrence onwards. Say if the array was “john cena john jake”. then print “john cena john2 jake”.The obvious solution was to use a hashmap.
  2. Given a text file containing HTTP requests, parse the file, count the number of times the bytes transferred was greater than 5000 and also count the amo amount of bytes transferred in that case. Solve using regex
  3. SQL query to find the names of people who have scored more than 100 hackos in less than ten months, given a database containing their id, names, per month average hackos and total months and you had to order by the ID in ascending order.
  5. A  variation of this question:
 Round 2: TBD Round 3: TBD

Last Updated : 02 Aug, 2019
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