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Cloudera Interview Experience FTE 2020

Last Updated : 04 May, 2021
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Job Location:- Cloudera Bengaluru . 

Cloudera, Inc. is a US-based software company that provides a software platform for data engineering, data warehousing, machine learning, and analytics that runs in the cloud or on-premises. 

Round 1:  Online Round (Coding Questions) 

*No MCQ’s. 

*Test is divided into two parts  :- 

->   1st section contains 1 code, 1 SQL Query, 1 File Handling question. 

-> 2nd Section contains 2 codes (only 1 is to be answered like it totally depends on upto you ). 

OVERALL DIFFICULTY :- Medium (As No one expects File Handling question in online round) .

Round 2:  Technical Interview 1 (Google Hangout & Codebunk ) 

Mainly focus was on   :- 1} Algorithms & Data Structures. 

2} OOPs Concepts 

3.} Operating System like threading, concurrency. 


 1.} What is Daemon Thread & Garbage Collector in Java? 

2.} What are pillars of OOPs and explain with real-life examples.? 

3.} Explain your project and its applications? 

4.} Codes on hashmap and explain Hashing. 

5.} Code on FileHandling like read a file and count number of “INDIA” in it . 

6.} Merging of two sorted arrays (Merge function in merge sort). 

7.} Given a String of length S, reverse the whole string without reversing the individual words in it. 

8.} Difference between Process and Thread. 

Duration:- 60 Minutes. 

Overall, the Interviewer was on time. He was very supportive and kind in nature. 

Round 3: Technical Interview 2  (Google Hangout ) 

Mainly focus was on:- 1} Operating System. 

2} SQL. 

3.} Computer Networks. 

4.} Linux  ( Mentioned in My CV that’s why). 


1. } Based on my projects like Virtualization, Containerization Like:- 

1.1 } What is kernel, Give some examples? 

1.2} Will we able to deploy 2 different OS( both supports same kernel taste) with only 1 kernel with the help of virtualization in same machine? 

1.3} Will we able to deploy 2 different OS( both not supports same kernel taste) with only 1 kernel with the help of virtualization in same machine? 

1.4} In what terms Containerization techniques like Docker different from virtualization other than their weights and resource used ? 

1.5} Some Linux Commands :- Like He give me the situation, i have to answer that by providing suitable Linux                  Command ( Ex  :-  ps, grep, chmod, useradd  etc). 

2. } Two Puzzles :- 1.} 


I told him that i know these puzzles beforehand, so he was impressed by my honesty and skipped these puzzles straightaway. 

3.} Working of DNS in Computer Networks. 

4.} Difference between http and https in Networking. 

5.} SQL Query to find 2nd and 5th maximum marks of student. 

Time Duration : 1 Hour 10 mins. 

Overall, Interviewer was on-time .He was supportive and freindly too. 

Round 4: Hiring Manager  Round  . 

This interview was taken by one of Engineering Manager at Cloudera. Firstly He told me about his journey from college pass out to Engg. Manager . Importance of working in Open Source Company. 


1.} Different Searching and Sorting Algorithms. He asked which sorting to be applied in different scenarios like when array is already sorted, when array is reverse sorted . Asked me to write any sorting algo. On whiteboard. Sorting algo. Time Complexity and Space Complexity. 

2.}  One puzzle :- 

( I took some time but I figured out the solution lastly ). 

3.} Projects and their Use Cases. 

Round 5: HR Round. 

More or less HR Type questions. 

RESULT:- Selected.  

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