CDK Global On-Campus Interview

Round 1: There was objective type test on mettl assessment platform . Out of 234 students 27 were selected.

Round 2: Group discussion round was held in three group, my group’s topic was “What do we need Smarter cities or Better villages” . Out of 27 students 7 were selected.

Round 3: This was technical round, this was quiet easy round, questions asked were:

Out of 7 students 4 were selected.

Round 4: This was also a technical round.

Out of 7 students 3 were selected.

Round 5: This was managerial round by VP of the organization.

  • He told me to write working code of KMP algorithm on paper. Given a text txt[0..n-1] and a pattern pat[0..m-1], write a function search(char pat[], char txt[]) that prints all occurrences of pat[] in txt[]. You may assume that n > m.
  • Basic questions of graph .
  • The problem is to find shortest distances between every pair of vertices in a given edge weighted directed Graph.(Floyd warshall algorithm).
  • You are a prisoner in a room with 2 doors and 2 guards. One of the doors will guide you to freedom and behind the other is a hangman –you don’t know which is which.One of the guards always tells the truth and the other always lies. You don’t know which one is the truth-teller or the liar either. You have to choose and open one of these doors, but you can only ask a single question to one of the guards.
  • Again he jumps to major project .
  • 100 people standing in a circle in an order 1 to 100. No. 1 has a sword. He kills the next person (i.e. No. 2) and gives the sword to the next (i.e. No. 3). All people do the same until only 1 survives. Which number survives at the last?
    There are 100 people starting from 1 to 100.
  • He asked about my family, hobbies etc.

This was a long duration round about 2 hours, Out of 3 students 2 were selected.

Round 6 : This was HR round which was non-eliminating. Asked about family and normal HR questions .  Then I was given form to fill, in which i was supposed to choose the location Pune/Hyderabad.

Verdict- I am in CDK Global pune office now 🙂




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