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Cavisson System Inc. Interview Experience | Set 1 (On Campus for SDE)

Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2017
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Round 1: Online Test (1 hr).
Round 2: Coding (45 Minutes).
Round 3: HR (5 to 10 Minutes).
Round 4: Technical (20 to 30 Minutes).

Round 1: It was Online round on wrere 4 section.

1) Quantitative aptitude : 15 Questions, 15 Minutes

2) Verbal : 15 Questions, 15 Minutes

3) Logical : 15 Questions, 15 Minutes

4) Technical(C, C++, java, DSA, OS, Network) : 15 Questions, 15 Minutes

Round 2: It was coding round on There were 2 question relative to data structure and algorithms.

1) Longest Even Length Substring such that Sum of First and Second Half is same.

2) Check if a binary tree is subtree of another binary tree.

One More question i saw.

3) Check if a given Binary Tree is SumTree.

Round 3: It was HR round. General question asked based on Resume.

Round 4: it was Technical round.
In which are you good at.
They said me Choose one subject, i said C.simple question they asked. then asked C++ and OOPS concept’s.

Advise: Study geeksforgeeks for coding round.

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