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Category Archives: Node.js

Buffers are instances of the Buffer class in Node.js. Buffers are designed to handle binary raw data. Buffers allocate raw memory outside the V8 heap.… Read More
Node.js console module is a global object that provides a simple debugging console similar to JavaScript to display different levels of message. It is provided… Read More
A callback is a function which is called when a task is completed, thus helps in preventing any kind of blocking and a callback function… Read More
Node.js is an open source, cross-platform server environment which executes JavaScript using V8 JavaScript Engine. Node.js helps to write front-end and back-end code in the… Read More
Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. Node.js can be installed in multiple ways on your Ubuntu Linux machine. You can… Read More
The Buffer.allocUnsafe() method is an inbuilt application programming interface of class Buffer with in Buffer module which is used to allocate the buffer of given… Read More
The chalk module is can be used to customize node console with colored text. By using it, one can change console look using features of… Read More
Node.js is a free and open-source server environment that runs on various platforms. In Node.js, .js is the standard extension for JavaScript code. It is… Read More
forEach() is an array function from Node.js that is used to iterate over items in a given array. Syntax: array_name.forEach(function) Parameter: This function takes a… Read More
The indexOf() function is a string function from Node.js which is used to find a string with another string. Syntax: str1.indexOf( str2 ) Parameter: This… Read More
pop() is an array function from Node.js that is used to remove elements from the end of an array. Syntax: array_name.pop() Parameter: This function does… Read More
unshift() is an array function from Node.js that is used to insert element to the front of an array. Syntax: array_name.unshift(element) Parameter: This function takes… Read More
The console.log() function from console class of Node.js is used to display the messages on the console. It prints to stdout with newline. Syntax: console.log(… Read More
The substr() function is a string function of Node.js which is used to extract sub-string from the given string. Syntax: string.substr(index, length) Parameters: This function… Read More
join() is an array function from Node.js that is used to return a string from the array. Syntax: array_name.join(parameter) Parameter: This function takes a single… Read More