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Bash Script – Features

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These days, there are various shell writing options available out there, and each one of them has its own unique features. Just as it does, Bash Shell contains some of the best features that make it more productive and usable. For each project, there are specific requirements for the features, and the developers choose the shell according to those specific features. Therefore, it is important that you know about the features of Bash  Scripting before you start using it. Some of the key features of Bash Shell Scripting are provided here

1. Compatibility

Bash goes with .sh as it comes out of the original UNIX Bourne shell and is included with the excellent and useful features of Korn and C Shell, such as cheat guide, function, control, etc.

2. Persuasion

In expanding the single-character command-line options (i.e., -b, -c, -4, etc.), which can be configured using the shell set in Command, there are a few multi-character options. (i.e., -debugger, -help, -login, etc.) that you can use with Bash Shell Scripting

3. Bash Launch Files

Bash launcher files are read and used scripts when Bash is launched. Each file has its own unique application, and a collection of these files is used to create an environment.

4. Interacting shells

The interactive shell usually reads from the user terminal and writes. Input and output are connected to the terminal. Bash interactive behavior is initiated when the bash command is requested without optional arguments, except when the option is to learn from the song or when the shell is invited to learn from the standard input, which allows you to set location parameters.

5. Conditionals

Conditional statements are supported and can be implemented by – [[ integrated command check and [built-in commands.

6. Shell Arithmetic

The shell allows for the exploration of arithmetic expressions, such as a shell extension.

7. Aliases

An Alias allows a character unit or set of commands that instead of a word that can be easily used as a command which maintains a list of shell nicknames that can be set with the names and instructions of the Alias. Also, It reduces tasks and consumes less time.

8. Lists

Bash uses the same one-sided members using which you can easily refer to and manage the data list.

9. Document Stack

The stack list is a list that shows a recent visit. The built-in command pushd adds references to the stack as it replaces the current index, and the built-in popd removes the references mentioned in the stack and converts the current directory back to the extracted directory. To display the content, the built-in dirs are removed.

Last Updated : 21 Feb, 2022
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