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AWS Educate and AWS Emerging Talent Community

Last Updated : 18 Apr, 2023
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If you want to make your career in cloud computing but don’t know how to get started, you must register for AWS Educate. AWS Educate helps in learning cloud skills in more superficial ways that too at your own pace. For that, you only require an email address, not an Amazon account or any credit card. 

AWS Educate and AWS Emerging Talent Community


Cloud learners as young as 13 years old can also access self-paced training and resources — including hands-on labs in the AWS Management Console. The simple-to-navigate and adaptive user experience guides you to targeted training content based on your knowledge, goals, interests, and age. This no-cost curriculum offers students:

  • Free access to more than 50 courses and 10 hands-on labs.
  • The ability to earn AWS Educate digital badges so you can promote your skills and build your network.
  • For learners 18 years and older, access to employment opportunities with the AWS Educate Job Board, where you can explore, search for, and apply to thousands of in-demand jobs and internships with organizations of all types all over the world.

AWS Emerging Talent Community 

Complete badge-eligible AWS Educate courses, such as Introduction to Cloud 101, Getting Started with Storage, or AWS DeepRacer Primer, to earn digital badges, which will score you an invitation to the AWS Emerging Talent Community (ETC). The ETC is the place to connect with others like you from around the globe who have committed to learning AWS Cloud skills. The community is your central hub to help advance your cloud skills and collaborate with members with similar interests and career goals. 

The ETC is a no-cost offering to all AWS Education Programs badge earners and offers many benefits to its members, such as:

  • Personalized content recommendations to continue your cloud learning journey.
  • AWS Certification preparation resources and guidance.
  • Networking and mentorship opportunities.
  • The opportunity to earn points along the way for participating in fun activities and challenges, and cash them in for AWS swag, exclusive member benefits, and more.  

Cloud communities empower you from others, gain support when you’re stuck, and celebrate your achievements. All learners that complete a qualifying course from AWS Educate, AWS re/Start, or AWS Academy automatically receive an email invitation to join the ETC. So get started on your badge-eligible courses today and, once completed, be on the lookout for your email invitation to join the ETC.

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