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Apple Siri Team Leader Interview Experience

Last Updated : 13 Apr, 2020
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It was for the role of a Team-Lead for the first Siri Grading team in Hyderabad and I was referred by my friend.

Tips :

They have a very fair approach your experience is only for records. They judge you only based on your own knowledge, skills, and abilities.

You need to be logical in your answers with Apple. Whenever you taking up a pilot project even though it is the same role as your previous organizations you can win the interview by letting the interviewer know that there are always new challenges that await us in a new project. This will help us learn new aspects some of which you never knew even if you were in the same role in an already set up project.

Patience is the most important factor here. They take a minimum of 5-7 Calendar days for declaring the results of each round. Note, they keep you updated on this at the start of the interviewing process.

Round 1 :

HR Screening

1. I received an email from the HR who was located in the US for the first round of screening.
2. Time slots were provided and I was asked to choose a preferable time slot as per my convenience. Note: No HR takes your permission to call you, they call you and say we have an opening are you interested. I felt this was very professional asking the interviewee their preferable time to contact them (if they are interested)
3. As it was a people management role, apart from general HR questions, I was asked situational based questions on handling people.
a. If you don’t have promotions in the next 3 years and your team are stuck, how will you motivate them?
b. Difficult discussions
4. Few mandatory questions like work authorization, any leaves in the next few months and lastly why are you looking for a change?

Round 2 :

1. The interview result was shared via email in 5 calendar days
2. This could be surprising to many but Apple follows a format of having the same level experienced Apple employee to interview their peers
3. A telephonic round with a Team-Lead of the team for which I was being interviewed. Like the previous round I was asked for my time and the round scheduled
4. It was for 30 minutes and it was purely on people management
a. Conflict Management
b. Did you have to lay off any employee and how did you handle the situation
c. How do you coach a low performer?
d. How do you deliver feedback and what if the employee is not ready to take the feedback what do you do?

Round 3 :
1. Like the first round, the result of the 2nd round was shared via email in 7 calendar days
2. This round was with a Sr Team lead and it was scheduled based on my availability
3. It was a similar round like the previous with a little of repeated people management questions and operations questions
4. Operation questions asked were:
a. What are the metrics that you monitor?
b. What if the quality of your team is dipping what measures you take?
c. Shrinkage
d. What are the decks that you have prepared previously and what are the applications that you used?
e. Did you interact with clients and how frequently? What was the mode of communication used?

Round 4 :

1. To my surprise I was provided feedback for the interview in just 1 calendar day. Onsite interview was scheduled based on my availability
2. For the onsite interview I had to go through 3 rounds
a. Sr Team-Lead (the previous interviewer)
b. Site Leader
3. The round with Sr Team-Lead about 5-10 minutes where I was asked if I had any questions on what the role was and what I expected from Apple
4. Site Leader: It lasted for around 25 minutes. A round of introduction from both of us and a brief talk on what is it that Apple is looking for in its candidate. I was asked similar people management questions like the previous round. I was also asked why I chose Apple and what I knew about Apple work culture
5. HRBP: I would say it was the toughest among all the rounds but, frankly speaking it was not tough compared to other interviews
6. I was asked questions on:
a. A challenging situation and how I came out of it?
b. My greatest achievement and why?
c. My career back ground and why I chose people management role?
d. What I thought I could learn from this project if I would take it up as it is similar to my previous roles.

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