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Anti-Virus | Its Benefits and Drawbacks

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Anti-Virus :

The computer which we use today has become a crucial part of our lifestyle. Without them, it’s almost impossible for our daily works also as our professions. And also when using them we always wanted to make sure safety and privacy, especially from viruses.  

Antivirus software is meant to get rid of viruses off your computer. Without an antivirus program, your system is going to be susceptible to viruses and other threats. Aside from removing viruses, antivirus software does produce other major benefits. Whether it’s a desktop utilized in-home or office, it’s essential for antivirus software to be installed in them. While using them users can encounter drawbacks also.

Benefits of Antivirus :

  1. Virus Protection –
    The main role of an antivirus program is to face viruses and other sorts of malware. The viruses won’t only cause damages to your data, it can degrade the general system performance. All of them can happen without your knowledge The antivirus programming introduced on your PC distinguishes and eliminates this malware before they create any damages to your PC.
  2. Spyware Protection – 
    Spyware because the name suggests may be quite a malware that spies on your computer stealing all the confidential information. These details also include MasterCard details, passwords, and other financial data. This ultimately results in fraud. The antivirus software has the potential to stop these sorts of spyware attacks.
  3. Web Protection – 
    While surfing the web, users can encounter various other sorts of threats. In untrustworthy sites, cyber attackers can gather your MasterCard and checking account details. One among the thanks for overcoming this is often by using antivirus software. Using an antivirus program you’ll protect your valuable pieces of information while surfing online.
  4. Spam Protection – 
    Viruses also can enter your computer through means of spam emails and ads. These emails and ads can show up repeatedly albeit you haven’t any interest in it. Once the virus finds thanks to sneak into your PC it causes irreversible damages. An Antivirus works by the way of blocking these spam emails and ads.
  5. Firewall Feature – 
    The firewall provides two-way protection. This suggests that regardless of the information that’s sent or received is going to be double-checked here. Hence, hackers cannot enter the system data.
  6. Cost-Effective – 
    Even though there are many premium versions of antivirus programs for a monthly/yearly subscription fee, there are some antivirus programs that are completely free from charge. These sorts of antivirus programs offer almost an equivalent level of protection provided by the subscription-based. Albeit you select to afford a premium version, they’re relatively inexpensive.

Drawbacks of Antivirus :

  1. System Slowdown – 
    Using an antivirus program means tons of resources from the memory and therefore the disk drive is getting used. As a result, it can drastically slow down the overall speed of the pc. Moreover, the method of scanning also can cause lags within the network.
  2. No Complete Protection – 
    If you’re employing a free antivirus program, there’s no guarantee that it’ll provide you the entire protection. Moreover, they’re capable of identifying only certain sorts of threats. So as for acquiring a complete level of protection, you’ve got to use a firewall also.
  3. Security Holes – 
    When security holes are present inside the OS or the networking software, it’ll provide an opportunity for the virus to bypass the antivirus software. Unless the user takes action to stay updated, the antivirus software won’t be effective.
  4. Limited Detection Techniques – 
    For identifying a possible threat, there is always quite one method available. However, within the case of antivirus programs, it mostly executes the tactic of virus scanning. Sometimes the antivirus programs can offer you false alarms if the scanning matches with the traditional file. 
  5. Frequent Advertisements – 
    Apart from premium versions of antivirus programs, through some means, the free antivirus software must generate an income. Advertising is one of the ways to realize them. Many sometimes these advertisements degrade the user experience.
  6. No Customer Support – 
    Unless you buy the premium version, there won’t be any customer support given to you. Within the event of any problem, the sole thanks to overcoming are through forums and knowledge bases.
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Last Updated : 02 Aug, 2022
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