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Amazon Interview | Set 1

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Please find the details of my amazon interviews below.

Date of Interviews: 22nd August 2012

No of Rounds: 1 Written + 4 PI

Type of Interviews: Campus Interview for freshers

Written Test (Time): 90 Minutes

20 Objective Questions: Aptitude and basic C objective problems.

2 Subjective Questions:

I.                To find if there is any root to leaf path with specified sum in a binary tree.

II.               Some question based on sorting.

Interview Round 1(60-70 Minutes):

Technical Interview

Question 1: Check if a character link list is palindrome or not.

Question 2: A sorted array has been rotated r times to the left. Find r in least possible time.

Question 3: Clone a singly link list whose nodes contain, apart from next pointers, an extra pointer to any random node. The random pointer of a node N could be after N, before N or the node N itself.


Interview Round 2(50-60 Minutes):

Technical Interview

Question 1: There is a big file of words which is dynamically changing. We are continuously adding some words into it. How would you keep track of top 10 trending words at each moment?

Question 2: Write code for minHeapify() operation.

Question 3: Design a data structure for the following operations:

I.                Enqueue

II.               Dequeue

III.              Delete a given number(if it is present in the queue, else do nothing)

IV.               isNumberPresent

All these operations should take O(1) time.

Question 4: Write a function that returns the length of the longest leaf-to-leaf path in a binary tree.

Interview Round 3(60-70 Minutes):

Technical Interview

Question 1: There is a binary tree of size N. All nodes are numbered between 1-N(inclusive). There is a N*N integer matrix Arr[N][N], all elements are initialized to zero. So for all the nodes A and B, put Arr[A][B] = 1 if A is an ancestor of B (NOT just the immediate ancestor).

Question 2: Find an element in a sorted rotated integer array.

Question 3: There is a N*N integer matrix Arr[N][N]. From the row r and column c, we can go to any of the following three indices:

I.                Arr[ r+1 ][ c-1 ] (valid only if c-1>=0)

II.               Arr[ r+1 ][ c ]

III.              Arr[ r+1 ][ c+1 ] (valid only if c+1<=N-1)

So if we start at any column index on row 0, what is the largest sum of any of the paths till row N-1.

Interview Round 4(40-50 Minutes):

Bar Raiser Round

Interviewer asked HR Questions Initially, then a sort of puzzle.

Two robots land with their parachutes on an infinite one-dimensional number line. They both release their parachutes as soon as they land and start moving. They are allowed only to make use of the following functions.

I.                 moveLeft() // robot moves to left by 1 unit in 1 unit time

II.               moveRight() // robot moves to right by 1 unit in 1 unit time

III.              noOperation() // robot does not move and takes 1 unit time

IV.              onTopOfParachute() // returns true if the robot is standing on top of either of the parachute, else false

V.               didWeMeet() // returns true if the robot meets to the other robot, else false

Write a function in order to make the robots meet each other. Robots will be executing the same copy of this function.


Tips / Advice:

I.                 Each time you write a code, check for the edge cases.

II.               Do not assume anything. Keep asking questions if there are any doubts.

This article is compiled by Akash Nawani. Many Many congratulations to Akash for his selection in Amazaon. If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article and mail your article to See your article appearing on the GeeksforGeeks main page and help other Geeks.

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Last Updated : 13 Jun, 2019
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