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Amazon Interview | Set 90

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 20 Jun, 2019

1. Phone Interview
a. Given sorted array in decreasing order. Find first occurrence of given key.
b. Find diameter of a binary tree.

2. Face to face 1 (Programing skill)
a. Optimal Strategy For A Game
b. Merge N sorted lists to a single sorted list but comparisons should be minimum

3. Face to face 2 (DS round)
a. 1 represent A, 2 rep B etc and 26 rep Z. Given a number, find number of possible decoding for this number. No need to consider number starts with zero. Eg: input – 1234, output – 3(ABCD, AWD, LCD)
b. How to find a loop in linked list. How to remove this loop.
c. How to design LRU cache(looking for the DS’s used and their interaction)

4. Face to face 3(Design)
a. A device need to upgrade and downgrade its software. Eg: mobile phone need to upgrade its OS. Design high level and low level.
(follow-up – 1. form version X to Y is not possible but z can. 2. from current version to latest version not possible but we can upgrade to an intermediate version and then to latest version. What
DS will be effective here)
b. Design a semaphore.

5. Face to face 4(curtain raiser)
a. HR questions including prev projects, best work etc
b. Given a linked list where each node contains an extra arbitrary pointer which points to any node in the list. Write code to clone the list.
b. Print vertical sum of a binary tree.
c. Print a binary tree in vertical zig-zag order.

6. Manager round
a. manager round HR questions. Team fit questions etc.
b. Given a mathematical expression. How to design this expression evaluator using OOPs concept.

Each round consists of 1 to 1.30 Hrs.

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