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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 434 (For SDE-2)

Last Updated : 12 Jul, 2019
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Round 1: Face to Face

Approach in the interview:  Start with explaining the approach-> then improve solution if interviewer asks to do so -> then finally you need to write working code on Paper.

  1. Given a binary tree, print all the boundary nodes in an anti-clockwise direction starting from the root
  2. Deletion Operation on Doubly Linklist, Cover all the test Case.

Round 2: Face to Face

  1. Stock buy and sell problem to maximize profit.
  2. Boolean Matrix Question.
  3. Design auto-suggestion search box/engine, discuss on trie data structure.
  4. How will you approach if a website is slow? (TPS/Load Balancer concept)

Round 3: Telephonic

  1. There were two Data Structure & Algorithms problems, I only remember one question.
  2. Merge Overlapping Intervals – Solved using a stack.

Round 4: Face to Face

  1. MMinimum iteration required to root all oranges.
  2. Count distinct elements in every window of size k, expected time complexity O(n).

Round 5: Hiring Manager(F2F)

Most of the questions asked were behavioral.

  1. Tell me about yourself and current project discussion.
  2. Have you ever had disagreed moment with your manager on any technical discussion/project?
  3. Have you mentored anyone?
  4. Have you worked on a project where you interacted with other teams and worked with them?
  5. Have you done anything that improved customer experience?


In short hiring manager covered some Amazon Leadership principles such as customer obsession, disagree and commit, dive deep, develop and hire the best etc.


Round 6: Design Round(F2F)

  1. Current Project discussion.
  2. Design ESPN-Cricinfo website Backend, discussion on HLD and LLD and Load Balancer.


Round 7: Bar Raiser Round(F2F)

  1. Design BookMyshow website backend and discussion on HLD, LLD and DB schema. There were discussions on various issues like Scalability, What database should be used; SQL-NoSQL, Concurrency etc.
  2. Have you done something in the team that improved team productivity?
  3. Have you delivered something in tight deadline?
  4. Why are you looking for a change?


Overall the technical bar was good and if one practices DS/Algo questions along with HLD/LLD and some concepts of System Designs, then he/she can easily crack the rounds.

Some tips/links.

  1. Be confident and solve the problem honestly.
  2. I used to attend at-least one mock interview at interviewbit which immensely helped me in getting confidence and know how to approach different problems.

After this long amazing process, I got a call from HR after seven days stated that “Hi, Congratulations you are selected and cleared all the rounds and we are happy to offer you SDE-2 position”.


Tips for the interview: Good hands on towards problem-solving and algorithm, practice from Geeksforgeeks, HLD and LLD, prepare well for Amazon’s leadership principles.


All the Best Guys!

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