Amazon Interview Experience | Set 426 (For SDE-1)

Round 1:Written Round had 3 questions:-
1- Sum of two linked lists 
Don’t remember the other 2.

Round 2: DS algo 
1-Find pair with given sum in bst
2-Transpose of the matrix
Round 3: problem solving
1-Find top view of binary tree (Iterative approach)
2nd question was on matrix don’t remember exactly

Round 4: HR round
Question on Amazon leadership principle. Why leaving current company. Question on tasks handled. Behavior based questions around amazon leadership principle

Round 5 : Designing round
1- Design a chess game. Form a structure of gamePlan.
2-There is a room with guard sitting there, he is noting the booking time. For eg:-
a) 0200 hrs to 0430 hrs
b)0315 hrs to 0545 hrs
c)0600 hrs to 0800 hrs

You have to check how many are valid bookings with no conflict.

(Invalid booking are those which are having conflict with any booking)

In above example a) & b) are having conflicts so no valid booking. c) is valid booking.


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