Amazon Interview Experience SDE-1

This was a hiring drive at the Chennai office.

Round 1: Written Round

Question 1: Longest Palindrome in a String

Question 2: Transform to Sum Tree

Question 3: Reverse a Linked List in groups of given size.

Round 2: This was a F2F round.

Question 1 : Variant of Maximum  Sum Subsequence problem.

Question 2: Trapping Rain Water

Round 3: This too was a F2F round.

Question 1: Top View of Binary Tree

Question 2: LRU Cache Implementation.

Round 4: Hiring Manager

  1. Questions on Amazon Leadership Principles.
  2. Smallest Positive missing number

Round 5: Bar Raiser

This happened a  few days after the drive.

  1. Deep dive into projects.
  2. Maximum path sum

Got the offer after a couple of days 🙂

All thanks to GeeksForGeeks


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