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Amazon Interview Experience 2020 for SDE-1

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Hi geeks, I appeared for the amazon’s interview for SDE 1, and here is my experience

Round 1: This round was online assessment and questions asked were:

  1. Stickler Thief 
  2. Binary Tree – Distance b/w two given nodes. 

Round 2: I don’t know why my second round was an SDM round. This was more concentrated on my previous projects,

  1. Give me the situations where you failed and pushed back.
  2. Tell me the hardest task done by you till now and how you solved it.
  3. If you are assigned two interns and there are two other interns who are assigned to someone else outside the team. But these two are also in your team, and they notice other two interns asking questions to you and so they start asking thing to you, due to this you are lacking in your productive time, how will you react?
  4. Tell me the thing that hurt you the most in your career and how did you react to it?
  5. Some leadership-related questions were also there.

And some more questions on OS and CN.

Round 3: This was straight coding round.

  1. The zigzag traversal of a Binary tree: Gave a solution with BFS using Queue and Stack but he wanted me to optimize it, so used two stacks and that worked. ( no miss in edge cases)
  2. How to delete a node from Singly linked list when you are given only the node (head is not provided): simply copy the next nodes data to current and delete the next. Coded as well ( no miss of edge cases)

Round 4: Here we started with the discussions of my previous projects and some system designs and how I solved the problems that occurred in the way of my projects.

Only one question was asked to create an HTML validator, I couldn’t find it on Gfg, but I understood this is a variation of balanced parentheses problem and gave a solution with stack and coded as well (here I missed 2 edge cases).

It’s been 1 week since I appeared for these interviews, no updates till now and I think I am rejected :-(. 

But if I get some more updates, I’ll update this article.


  • Keep asking for the clarifications and edge cases.
  • Keep track of all edged cases and ask your interviewer about them.
  • Don’t make your own assumptions, tell them that you are making these assumptions, and if they are good with that then only proceed with your solution.

Last Updated : 08 Sep, 2020
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