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Amazon Interview | Set 6

Last Updated : 13 Jun, 2019
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Following are my interview details for senior software engineer in 2010. Thought of sharing it, if it helps anybody

Telephonic Interview 1
1) Write your own power function in C/C++. Time complexity of your code, optimizations.
2) Given two strings, write a function to remove all characters in one string which are present in other string

Telephonic Interview 2
1) Construct a tree from ancestor matrix. The main thing he wanted to check was use of binary search.
2) Find the k maximum selling items at amazon site at the end of day. Given a file which has count all sold items. Use of min heap was expected.

Face to Face 1
1) Given a Binary Search Tree, in-place convert it to DLL.
2) Find the next greater element for every element in array.

Face to Face 2
1) Median of two sorted arrays.
2) Given an XML file, how will you store it in memory. Use of tree was expected.
There were some more questions that I don’t remember.

Face to Face 3
1) Given a Binary Tree, check if every node is sum of all of its children.
2) Given any Binary Tree, convert it to a tree where every node is sum of all of its children.
3) Given an array, find three numbers a, b and c such that a^2 + b^2 = c^2

That is all I remember now.


Thanks to Vivek for sharing Amazon Interview Questions.

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