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Adobe Interview Experience (For MTS-1)

Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2019
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Round 1: First round was coding round on HackerRank. It had 5 questions based on Regular Expressions and Inheritance.

Round 2: Second Round was technical round ( 45 min – 1 hr ).

  1. Which data structure should be used to implement back and forward feature in the web browser, and how to implement it?
  2. A number N is given. Find the power of 4 which is greater than the number N.
  3. What is Multithreading?
  4. What are mutex and semaphore?

Round 3: Third Round was technical round ( 1:15hr – 1:30 hr )

  1. You have N coins, which can be replaced either by N Rs. or can be exchanged for (N/2)+(N/3)+(N/4) coins. Find the maximum number of Rs. that can be made, using Dynamic Programming.
  2. Implement Snake and Ladder game and find the minimum number of moves required to reach from 1 to 100 in a given game, using Dynamic Programming.

Round 4: Fourth Round was technical round ( 1hr – 1:15 hr )

  1. Replace every occurrence of “is” by “are” in a given string, using minimum write operations.
    Eg. This is my pen.    Output: Thare are my pen.
  2. Discuss logic and write code for the following problem.
    You are given two words and a number N. Find the two words in a limit of N words and if found print the indexes of two words.

    Eg. Word 1: is    Word 2: pen   N: 3     String: This is my pen.   Output: 2 and 4.
    In the limit of N words, Word 1 and Word 2 can occur in any order.
    Eg. Word 1: pen    Word 2: is   N: 3     String: This is my pen.   Output: 4 and 2.
  3. Write a program to find all the probable elements that can be inserted in any given box in a Sudoku game.
  4. New features introduced in latest Java Version.
  5. Questions from Collections in Java.

Round 5: Director Round ( 1:15hr – 1:30 hr)

  1. Design lift, following the constraints that should be followed by the lift.
  2. Discussion on my projects and paper published.

After these rounds, I had one round of general interaction with the Manager.


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