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Accolite Interview Experience | On -Campus 2020

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All the students with no backlogs with 6 CGPA above were eligible. 

Round 1: nIt was an online test on the platform of Eduthrill. All the eligible students were divided into two batches. The test comprised of 50MCQ questions based on Aptitude, DBMS, OS, CN,  and some input-output questions on C and Java. 

Round 2:  Another test was conducted on the same day for students shortlisted from round 1. It was conducted on the platform of Codelyzer. It comprised of only one coding question to be done in 60min. The question was from leetcode, with some changes. 

Round 3:  Around 28 students were shortlisted for this round (virtual interviews). They basically asked OS and CN related questions. 

They finally gave offers to 7 students. I was not able to clear the interview.

Last Updated : 15 Sep, 2020
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