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ZS Interview Experience through Campus Beats Tech Challenge for BTSA (2022)

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I appeared for the ZS Campus Beats Tech Challenge in March 2022. This year they had 2 separate challenges. One can opt for any one of the 2 challenges.

  • Tech challenge and 
  • Case challenge. 

The Case Challenge contains a business case study where you have to read the case problem(which is quite big) and answer the questions that follow. The questions also involve mathematics, and some qualitative questions judge your creative thinking.

Tech Challenge Round: The Tech Challenge was something that ZS started this year. It has 2 coding questions, 2 front-end development questions(where Javascript knowledge was needed), and 3 SQL questions. The time was 6 hours. Only 1 team member attempts the questions with his camera on and submits them, however, the team members can discuss the questions with each other.

The results were declared in April and we were asked about our preferred roles before the interviews began. ZS offers 3 roles for recruitment:

  • Business Technology Solutions Associate(BTSA)
  • Business Operations Associate(BOA)
  • Decision Analytics Associate(DAA)

I applied for the BTSA role. My interview dates came around 2 weeks before the interview day.

Technical Interview Round: It was a 25 min online interview on the Monjin platform. It began with my interviewer introducing himself followed by my introduction to him. Then he started with his questions. The questions were of 3 types:

  • Technical questions on SQL, DBMS, any coding language you know, OOPs
  • Aptitude and Puzzles
  • HR questions

I was asked the following questions:

1. Technical

  • What is SQL & name some of its commands?
  • Write an SQL query to output the top 3 maximum salaries from the employee table?
  • Write an SQL query to print only odd rows in a table?
  • What is a ‘static’ keyword in C language?
  • What are OOPs in Java
  • What is Polymorphism?
  • What is SRS?
  • What is Exception Handling in Java?

2. Aptitude and Puzzles

  • Two cars travel at 60kmph and 64 mph speeds to cover the same distance. The slower car takes 1 hour more than the faster car to cover this distance. What is the distance traveled by the cars?
  • Two people X & Y are entering a movie theatre. 15 people enter before X, 7 people enter between X & Y, and 20 people enter after Y. Also, Y enters the theatre before X does. Tell me how many people are there in the theatre?

3. HR Questions

  • You have a short-tempered client and your work is not completed on time. How will you handle your client now?
  • Your deadline is approaching and your work is not complete yet. What will you do?

I cleared the technical round and received the call for the next round (HR round) on the same day. Waiting for my HR round now…

Hope my article helps everyone.

Last Updated : 23 May, 2022
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