Wissen Interview Experience | Set 1 (On-Campus)

Wissen technology part of wissen Infotech came to our college for campus drive.
Website- www.wissen.com

Round 1- written test -1.5 hrs
6 coding questions
1. Find intersection of 2 sorted arrays. Note: required O(n) and no use of data structure.

2. Stock – buy and sell to gain max profit. You have to buy and sell stocks once
Input- 1 2 20 5 6
O/p – 19(20-1)

3. Print Reverse linkedlist without changing linkedlist. Note: required O(n)

4. Find whether number is cube root or not with out using math lib functions. Note: required O(n) (Hint binary search)

5. Replace 3 with 5 in an integer with out converting int to string conversion
Input- 134
Output – 154

6. Check whether 2 strings are anagram of each other.
Eg – abc & back
Output – anagram
Note- required O(n)
(Hint : use map)

Round 2 – tech1
1. Data structure
– detect Loop in linkedlist
– check whether a binary tree is binary search tree or not

Multithreading and synchronization

3. OS
process, threads, semaphore, mutex, deadlock and starvation

How will you print all tuples of a table?
What is foreign key and some questions on it.

Round 3- tech2
– write struct for generic linkedlist
– dangling pointer and steps to remove

struct node
   void *data;
   node *next;
    node *p = new node;
    p->data = (int) new int;
    delete p;

remove dangling pointer caused by void* data.
Ans – overload delete operator
– destructor can be overload or not
If yes or no , why
-Why constructor can be overloaded?

-Explain whole project which is mentioned in ur resume
Which data structure did you used on ur project apart of array
Since I told him I didn’t used at specific data structure externally but internally MySQL use B+ and B tree for indexing internally
– what is B+ and B tree (I didnt know abt B+)

-joins and write below query
Student table
Id l name l deptId
Department table
deptId l HODname

Find the name of HOD who has more number of students
Hint- nested query / join

– Given matrix 2*2 , 2*3 and 3*3
how will u store in single table in database

3. Java
Collection and synchronization

4. Data structure
– create special stack in which you can find min element in O(1)
– Do you have any question?

Some Questions which was asked to others
-arraylist vs linkedlist
-heap memory vs stack memory
-if u have given names of people and their respective countries and I need to access all names of a particular country by O(1)
Ans- map>

Round 4 – HR
Typical HR questions

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