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Wi-Fi QR Code Generator Using Python

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  • Last Updated : 31 May, 2021
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Prerequisite: Getting Saved Wifi Passwords using Python

We know the wireless network is the most common network adapter for today, Because of its supports portability and User friendly. In this article, we will see how we can get the current saved Wi-Fi name and passwords and generate QR code to connect other devices using Python.

Before starting we need to install the wifi-qrcode-generator module to generate a QR code for your Wi-Fi to let others quickly connect your Wi-Fi:


This module does not come built-in with Python. To install this type the below command in the terminal.

pip install wifi-qrcode-generator



# Import module
import wifi_qrcode_generator as qr
# Use wifi_qrcode() to create a QR image
qr.wifi_qrcode('wifi name ', False, 'WPA', 'password')






Now let’s Get the current Wi-Fi name and Passwords in cmd:


 If you write this netsh wlan show interface code into cmd terminal then you will get various details :



If you write this netsh wlan show profile {Profile Name} key=clear code into your terminal then you will get network key.





  1. Import the module subprocess and wifi-qrcode-generator module.
  2. Get the output for the command netsh wlan show interface using subprocess.check_output().
  3. Decode the output with utf-8, split the metadata according to the line.
  4. Now get the split string to find your current Wi-Fi name (SSID name).
  5. Now do the same for password and find the Wi-Fi password (Key Content).
  6. Now Generate your Wi-Fi QR code.


Below is the Implementation.



# import modules
import subprocess
import wifi_qrcode_generator
# try catch block begins
# try block
    # traverse the profile
    Id = subprocess.check_output(
        ['netsh', 'wlan', 'show', 'interfaces']).decode('utf-8').split('\n')
    id_results = str([b.split(":")[1][1:-1]
                      for b in Id if "Profile" in b])[2:-3]
    # traverse the password
    password = subprocess.check_output(
        ['netsh', 'wlan', 'show', 'profiles',
         id_results, 'key=clear']).decode('utf-8').split('\n')
    pass_results = str([b.split(":")[1][1:-1]
                        for b in password if "Key Content" in b])[2:-2]
    print("User name :", id_results)
    print("Password :", pass_results)
    print("something wrong")
# generate Qr code
wifi_qrcode_generator.wifi_qrcode(id_results, False, 'WPA', pass_results)


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