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Why using “for…in” for Array Iteration a Bad Idea in JavaScript ?

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The for…in loop is a JavaScript loop statement used to iterate over all enumerable properties of an object. The loop iterates over all the keys or property names of an object, allowing you to access the corresponding values.


for (variable in object) {
      // Code to be executed

Here, the variable is assigned to each property name in the object. The loop iterates over each property of the object, assigning the property name to the variable on each iteration. You can then access the corresponding property value using the property name.


Why using “for…in” for array iteration is a bad idea?

Using for…in for array iteration is generally considered a bad idea because it iterates over all enumerable properties of an object, not just the array elements. It means that it can also iterate over non-indexed properties, such as properties added to the array’s prototype or any other object property that has been added.


Javascript = 'hello';
const arr = [1, 2, 3];
for (let key in arr) {




In the given example, the for…in loop iterates over the foo property of the Array prototype as well, which is not what we intended. This can lead to unexpected results if you’re relying on the loop to only iterate over the array elements.

Disadvantages: Let us see some more disadvantages of using “for…in” loop:

  • It iterates over all enumerable properties: The for…in loop iterates over all enumerable properties of an object, including those in its prototype chain. This can lead to unexpected results if you’re not aware of this behavior, as it can include properties that you didn’t intend to iterate over.
  • It’s slower than other loop methods: The for…in loop can be slower than other loop methods, such as for or while loops, because it has to look up the property names for each iteration. This overhead can become noticeable when iterating over large arrays or objects.
  • It doesn’t guarantee the order of iteration: The for…in loop doesn’t guarantee the order of iteration, meaning that the properties may be returned in a different order than they were defined. This can cause issues if you’re relying on the order of the properties for your code to work correctly.
  • It can include non-enumerable properties: Some objects may have properties that are non-enumerable, meaning that they won’t be included in a for…in loop. This can lead to missing properties in your iteration.
  • It’s not recommended for iterating over arrays: Although it’s possible to use a for…in loop to iterate over an array, it’s not recommended because it can include properties other than the array elements, such as properties in the array’s prototype chain. Instead, it’s recommended to use for, while, for…of, or array-specific methods like forEach, map, filter, and reduce.

Overall, the for…in loop can be a useful tool in JavaScript, it’s important to be aware of its limitations and to use it appropriately for your specific use case.

Last Updated : 10 May, 2023
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