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Wells Fargo Interview Experience | On-Campus 2022

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Wells Fargo visited my college for both internship and FTE selection process 2022. For the FTE –  

Out of 200+ students, 140 were shortlisted based on their CGPA. The complete process took place in 4 rounds with 1st being an online test, 2 technical rounds, and 1 HR round over call.

Round 1(Online Test – 100 mins): The test was divided into 3 sections

  1. Verbal 
  2. Business Aptitude
  3. Coding

Verbal: 12 questions in 15 mins based on detecting grammatical errors, fill in the blanks and vocabulary. This was pretty easy if one has a moderate level of English knowledge.

Business Aptitude: 15 questions in 25 mins. These were interpretation questions based on business graphs, candlesticks etc.

Small Tip: When the question seems easy check for options because it is more likely to be tricky.

Coding: 2 questions in 60 minutes

  1. Co-ordinates of a rectangular swimming pool are given. N Buildings with their co-ordinates and no. of floors are given in Nx3 (x-coordinate, y-coordinate, no. of floors) matrix. Question is to find the total price of all the building floors where the cost of a flat is given and we consider only those flats which have a view of the swimming pool. I managed to pass 5 test cases out of 13.
  2. N points and their 2-d co-ordinates are given. We need to find a minimum no. of lines to include all points. The points maybe are co-linear. I managed to pass 3 out of 11 test cases. (

After this round, 31 students were shortlisted and luckily I was last on the list.

Round 2(F2F Interview on Zoom): The interviewer first asked me to introduce myself while going through my resume.

  •  Then he gave me a question to add diagonal elements of NxN matrix. 
  • Later he asked about OOPS and why we use it. 
  • Other questions were types of data structures ( linear, non-linear, basic, derived), types of keys in RDBMS, file handling in CPP. 
  • He saw that I had done an internship where I used C# so asked about exception handling in C#. I didn’t know the answer but I said since C# is derived from C++ I believe they have similar functions to which he responded to explain exception handling in C++. I gave him an answer but he wasn’t satisfied. 
  • He decided to end the interview and asked if I had any questions. I asked which languages were extensively used in the company. He said a lot of names along with .NET framework. 
  • There were questions to which I genuinely did not know the answer and I said so honestly but ended the interview by saying that my academic performance had been consistently good which shows that I work hard for results when I get an opportunity. About 10 minutes after the interview I got a message saying that I was selected for the next round.

19 candidates were shortlisted.

Round 3(F2F Interview on Zoom): The interviewer was very friendly, so it helped relieve my stress and focus on my strengths. He started by asking about what I knew about the company. 

Small Tip: Always research about the company, get some numbers, recent facts, what the company does, founders, CEO, in short, all the interesting facts. 

  • He liked my answer a lot so my remaining interview went smoothly. 
  • He asked few design questions which were pretty interesting. 
  • One being, Suppose you are building a system that tracks family income, expenditure, gives offers from amazon based on available funds and affordability. How much minimal data will one need? I answered that by saying that I will need historical data first, a basic bank system for budget management, and machine learning for discount offers using the cookies concept. 
  • He then asked what if I don’t want to share my income details as its personal, I said we could build trust at the start. He said to try finding a tech solution to this. While I was thinking he gave me the idea of ATM and it clicked to me that the user can add personal details like a password which gives the user the illusion that his data is private. 
  • He asked if I had questions. So I asked do we as freshers get to be a part of the decision-making process and what recognition can we get if we have any innovative solutions.

12 candidates were shortlisted in this round

Round 4(HR Round over call):

  • Questions were pretty basic like explain yourself in more detail, extra-curricular activities, would I like to relocate, why, achievements, hobbies. 
  • I had been preparing for this for a long time so it went great. The interview ended the call by sharing his experiences and hobbies and said that the results are not final yet.

I was offered the position along with 7 others.

Lesson I learned: It’s not just the skills they look for but it is our thinking abilities and our dedication to the company.

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Last Updated : 11 Aug, 2021
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