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Walmart Interview Experience | On-Campus August 2020 (Virtual)

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Round 1(Online-Written): Platform was HackerEarth time duration was 1 hour.  

  1. 25 MCQs (Both Easy and Gate Level Based) 
  2. 1 Coding Question, that needs to be solved in O(logn) time. Program for Fibonacci numbers. The basic idea behind that question is we need to crack the pattern and then based on constraints we need to solve it.

Round 2(Technical Round-1): Platform was Zoom time duration was 40 mins. Started with Tell me something about yourself.  

Questions Asked:

  1. To write a function that will swap two numbers (2 or 3 fixed), i.e. if I got 2, I need to return 3 and vice versa.
  2. Write SQL query for a table given by him.
  3. Two classes are there Base and Derived where Derived class is inheriting Base class If we create an object of Derived class, and called destructor from it which destructor will be called first.
  4. What is the difference between a Process and a Thread?
  5. What is Deadlock? How to prevent it?
  6. Give examples of any two Network Protocols and the layers at which they work.
  7. What happens when you type URL in your browser?
  8. Check whether two strings are equivalent or not, one of them being an abbreviation of the other. (Case-Insensitive)

    For example String: Internationalization Abbr: I18n where 18 are the number of characters between I and N

    String: Poster Abbr: P1s2r  

    Both of the above strings will return 1 if they match or else return 0;

Round 3(Technical Round-2): Platform was Zoom time duration was 1 hour 45 mins. Started with Tell me something about yourself. I told them, that I like solving algorithms, so she was like let’s start with trees then.

  1. Draw a BST with randomly selected 12 values of your choice. Asked what’s approach I am following while creating it. Write Code and Explain all the traversals for that particular tree. (i.e. Inorder, Preorder and Postorder)
  2. Find a Key in BST.
  3. Write an SQL query to transpose a matrix.
  4. Detailed discussion on one of my projects.
  5. How do you design a product recommender system, like If any product has been added to cart, what suggested products will be shown below? And what always do you use to find and predict those suggestions?  
  6. OSI Layers and their functionality
  7. What is Deadlock? How to avoid it?  
  8. How data has been stored inside DBMS?
  9. What is Relational model?
  10. Write all the Permutations of a string.
  11. Write a program to find all the prime numbers between two numbers.
  12. Given an SQL query, check whether it is correct or not, also in which order it will get executed?
  13. What are the pointers?
  14. What is the memory layout in C?
  15. What is Heap Segment? What will happen to data inside heap segment, once the program got executed?

Round 4(Hiring Manager Round): Platform was Zoom time duration was 30 mins. Started with Tell me something about yourself.

Questions Asked:

  1. Why Walmart?
  2. How do you fit in for the job?
  3. Apart from academics, what are your hobbies?
  4. How much do you push yourself for completing a project under its deadline?
  5. Questions about projects.
  6. What domains have you explored till now?

Round 5(HR Round): Platform was Zoom time duration was 20 mins. Asked me to give my introduction

Questions Asked:  

  1. Questions on my hobbies, that I have mentioned while introducing myself.
  2. Tell me about your three personality traits, according to your friend’s/colleagues’ perspective.  
  3. How do you react to a scenario where you as an intern got converted for full time but your close friend working with you got rejected?  
  4. Location preference? Why are you opting for that specific choice?

Verdict: Selected for an Internship offer.

Just Be Confident. It’s okay if you don’t know the answers to 2-3 questions. Focus only on giving your best. 

Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2020
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