Using Variables in JShell of Java 9

Prerequisite : JShell in Java 9

We can declare variables and use anywhere throughout Jshell session. Let’s create an
integer variable.

jshell variable  example

Semicolon (;) is optional, we can leave it and it works fine. See, variable b is created without using semicolon.

jshell variable

Scratch Variables

If we don’t provide variable name, Java create implicit variable to store the value. These variables start with $ sign. We can use these variable by specifying implicit variable, as we did in the in the following screen-shot.

jhsell variable


We can test any valid Java expression to get instant output. See, the following example.
Adding two integers
jshell add

Compound expression

Creating and Calling Methods
To test method business logic, create a method and get result immediately. See, the following example

jshell method

jshell calling

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