Tracxn Experienced Interview (3yrs SSE post)

There were 4 rounds of interview:

Round 1:

In this round, I was given a test link of where I have to solve a code in 90 min. There was only one code. Not so difficult.

Round 2:

This round was taken by SSE there. He gave a DS/Algo Based question.

Question -> I am given a string {i, j, {i, j, k, {i, j}}, i, {j}, j}

So output must be





This can be easily done using the hashing technique.

See here as the depth of brackets increases the number of “-” also increases.

in First output “-” represents the depth of brace which is 1 then “i*” means that “i” is repeated.

Strings at same depth should be concatinated

Hashtable will look like ->


1: {deptht: 1, string: iji*j*},

2:{depth: 2, string: ijk},

3: {depth:3, string: ij},

4:{depth:2, string:j}


In my case time and space complexity goes to O(n).

Round 3:

This round was taken by Technology lead. He also gave me a DS/Algo question

Find the number of islands | Set 1 (Using DFS)

Segregate Even and Odd numbers


Round 4:

This was an HR Round.


I got selected 🙂

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