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ThoughtWorks Interview Experience (Off-Campus)

Last Updated : 12 May, 2020
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Round 1: As 1st round was happen on Hacker-earth in which we have 2 coding questions and 1 hr 30 min to solve, one question was medium (string and map) and other was hard (segment tree and mathematics) . I have done 1 question and I was shortlisted for interview (at Gurgaon Office)  .

Round 2: They take onsite coding round which was named – Code Pairing Round, In this round we have to code using all OOPS concept, As my task was to develop a code which could calculate Taxi fare like Ola/Uber does (different prices for all vehicle like mini, sedan, SUV ), they had given all the formulations according to which we have to develop a code, they give us approx 2 hours, In first hour we have to by self, then a ThoughtWorker joins they see our approach to the given statement and analyse approach and give some hint, at the end we have to show working of our code. As during my interview nearly 20-25 are selected out of 40-45.

Round 3: Now, Technical Interview happen of nearly 2 hours, they asked questions from topics –

1.Data Structure



4. OOPs Concept

5.Operating System


Some Questions –

1.Explain Merge Sort and code on board and tell approach of Quick Sort

2.Explain working of HashMap in depth

3.Draw a Database table for Song app, They also asked to perform                                Normalization(1NF, 2NF….BCNF) on tables and then they asked to write queries.

4.Tree traversals and Boundary Traversal

5.Difference B/W Segmentation and Paging, Page Fault

6. What is DNS LookUp, Load Balancer and  How Server works

7. Polymorphism  and types and there difference

8.Questions on Project and there implementation

9.DFS and BFS

and many more….

As we were only 20-25 students from different colleges .Anyone who is coming out from interview they have to wait for 5 min, If you are not selected then they return your resume, else they inform you for future round, In my time I was only lucky person who qualified for the Further round.

Round 4:This round was taken on Zoom on the same day evening after coming from Office, this round was named as Social change and Leadership Interview . The video Interview was conducted from a interviewer in Pune Office . He have asked some Social and Leadership questions and I was Able to answer all his question but questions were some how tricky . It was nearly 45 min round.

Next Day I got call from HR that I was Selected For ThoughWorks Application Developer .

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