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Thoughtworks Interview Experience | Set 2 (Off-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 17 Dec, 2015

Geeksforgeeks has helped me a lot. In order to help other students I would like to share my experience.

Step 1:
I applied through a “ThoughtWorks women hiring challenge” contest organized by Hackerearth. In contest there were 10 mcqs on oops concept and computer fundamentals and 2 normal coding questions out of which we were supposed to solve only one.

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Step 2:
After I got selected in the Contest I got an assignment consisting of two standard questions of thoughtworks and I was supposed to submit code of any one of them.

My questions were:

1. Merchant’s Guide to the Galaxy

2. Conference Track Management

If you google for Thoughtworks standard questions, You will get the list of all the question along with their solutions.
After I submitted my code, I got a call to come to their office to proceed for further rounds.

Round 1: Code pair Round
One Thoughtworks’s developer sat with me and asked me to modify the code (which I had submitted in assignment) as per her instructions.

Round 2: Logical Test
It was a 75 min test consisting of 11 flow chart problem. Problems were a little confusing and time taking so if you do it with patience, they are easy to solve.

Round 3: Accuracy Test
This round was for testing the speed and accuracy. There were 50 very simple questions and time given was 12 min. Solving 30 uestions was sufficient as the accuracy was more important. There was negative marking for both wrong answer and for skipping any question.

Round 4: Technical interview 1
1. Brief Discussion on project
2. Discussion on linked list and array
3. How you can achieve fast access in linked list.
4. Question on binary search tree.
5. How will you balance a binary search tree?
6. Find the height of a tree.
7. Check for duplicate elements in binary tree.
8. Design a file system for OS.
9. One puzzle

Round 5: Technical interview 2
1. Detailed discussion on project
2. Few questions from electronics subjects to test my knowledge
in my field.
3. Question on database design and SQL query.
4. How the friend’s list are maintained in Facebook.
5. Few questions from extracurricular activities which were
mentioned in my Resume.

Round 6: P3 round (Three pillars of Thoughtworks)
General discussion on some social issues like Farmer’s Suicide and Uber Cab rape case. (In this round you need to express your views but you need to show some empathy as well)

Round 7: Leadership Round
Started with the introduction and then she gave me some situations that how will you handle in that case.

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