TCS Codevita Interview Experience 2019

Round 1(Technical Round): First of all they asked me to introduce myself, in which I mentioned my internship and projects other than basic introduction. Then they inquired further about the technologies used in projects which I mentioned.

After that, being an Electronics student, I was asked about my favorite subject in electronics(which is a very common question in TCS interviews) , I answered Digital Electronics so a very basic question of DE was asked. 

I was asked to write a basic program of Fibonacci series(explaining the program while writing is an important part)

Then they moved on to my resume and some questions about the extra-curricular activities mentioned in my resume.

In the end, they asked me why I wanted to join TCS, to which I mentioned the achievements of TCS, Industry 4.0 and some projects of TCS which I would love to work(I researched about them an hour before interview)

Round 2(HR Round): I wasn’t considered for TCS digital so there was direct HR round in which they asked about my hobbies and whether I would be fine with relocation or long working hours(which has to answered affirmatively)


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