TCS Codevita Interview Experience | 2019

Round 1: Round 1 consisted of two Interviewers, TR and MR. I was called for an interview on 31st July 2019 after securing a zonal rank of 208 in Codevita Season 8.

Here are the that were asked to me:
(Technical Round)

  1. What were the programming languages you used in Codevita?
    I answered.
  2. So, why did you considered python for this specific problem?
    I answered.
  3. Can you explain me the problem statement you did using python?
    I answered.
  4. Write down the code to generate all the permutation of a given string and explain it.
    I wrote.
  5. Write down the code to implement Tower of Hanoi problem and explain it.
    I wrote.

Thank you. You can wait outside for the further process.

Round 2: Round 2 was an HR Round.

  1. Will you be available at any location?
  2. Can you work in both night and day shift?

and few other similar HR questions.

Results were declared after 10 days and I was finally selected. 

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