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Strings in Dart

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A Dart string is a sequence of UTF-16 code units. With the same rule as that of Python, you can use either single or double quotes to create a string. The string starts with the datatype Var

var string = "I love GeeksforGeeks";
var string1 = 'GeeksforGeeks is a great platform for upgrading skills';

Both the strings above when running on a Dart editor will work perfectly.

You can put the value of an expression inside a string by using ${expression}. It will help the strings to concatenate very easily. If the expression is an identifier, you can skip the {}


void main () {
var string = 'I do coding';
var string1 = '$string on Geeks for Geeks';
print (string1);

 Output :

I do coding on Geeks for Geeks.

Dart also allows us to concatenate the string by + operator as well as we can just separate the two strings by Quotes. The concatenation also works over line breaks which is itself a very useful feature.


var string = 'Geeks''for''Geeks';
var str = 'Coding is ';
var str1 = 'Fun';
print (string);
print (str + str1);

Output :

Coding is Fun

We can also check whether two strings are equal by == operator. It compares every element of the first string with every element of the second string.


void main()
    var str = 'Geeks';
    var str1 = 'Geeks';
    if (str == str1) {

Output : 


Raw strings are useful when you want to define a String that has a lot of special characters. We can create a raw string by prefixing it with r . 


void main() {
  var gfg = r'This is a raw string';


This is a raw string

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Last Updated : 16 Feb, 2023
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